Home Build: Kitchen Inspiration

June 9, 2020

I’m so excited to start sharing our home build details with you room by room. I decided to start in the kitchen because it is one of the main room of the house and a room that comes with a lot of decisions! Easily the most exciting part of the home to design. Also easily the most stressful when it’s actually YOUR home.

The kitchen layout in this home was tweaked a couple of times to make a beverage station which eliminated the wet bar that was in the living room. We also added a lot more hidden cabinet storage, tweaked the pantry, what appliances I got and the island design.

The kitchen is an open concept that flows into the living room & dining room. My pantry will be behind a swing door that is to the left of the stove. You can also enter the pantry in a back hallway that comes in from the garage.  The color palette is neutral colors, brass/gold & marble in both the kitchen & the pantry. To keep the clean, neutral look all our appliances will be panel ready and match our cabinets.