Outdoor Patio Inspiration

May 21, 2020

We have been spending a lot of time outside. The kids are on the trampoline every day so I’m either outside playing with them, or able to work while watching them play. I love when outdoor spaces can be an extension to your inside living space. With the new home build, I’m pulling inspiration for every room, but love seeing outdoor living inspiration. When looking at outdoor spaces I am looking for both a sitting area & a dining area. Oh, and I also love all the plants & greens in an outdoor space; that’s what really pulls it all together & creates an oasis. My outdoor pots are about to get planted for summer and I’m so excited! Here is some outdoor pieces that I’m loving right now.


Umbrella | Sofa | Indoor/Outdoor RugCoffee Table | Textured Ceramic White Planters | Wicker Chair | Lumbar Pillow | Accent Stool | Succulent in Gold Pot  | String Lights | Diamond Square Pillow & Lumbar | Summer Throw | Fire Pit  | Dining Table | Dining Armchair  | Potted Succulents

Bench | Dining Table | Dining Armchair  | Glass Vase | Crochet Runner | Lumbar Pillow | Diamond Square Pillow

What do you use your outdoor space for most? Sitting & lounging or dining? Stay tuned for my summer pots, Adorn is coming to do them soon &  I’ll be sharing them on my IG stories.


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