May 26

Maternity Favorites

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I was able to see baby boy today during my doctors appointment so it got me thinking of all my favorite items during this pregnancy.

Boybrief Underwear // Real Me Boybrief Underwear // Spanx Leggings // Overalls // Dry Shampoo // Maternity Pajamas // Bath Salts // Honest Body Butter // Mommee Coffee // Weekender Bag // Faux Leggings

Boybrief Underwear & Real Me Boybrief Underwear  // As your belly and (unfortunately) bum start to get bigger your normal undergarments don’t fit or feel as good. I have found that a soft, seamless brief is most comfortable for during pregnancy and after. I am sharing two of my favorites.

Spanx Leggings // I love a good pair of leggings and love anything by Spanx so these are a must while my belly grows.

Overalls // I think pregnant mamas in overalls are the cutest. I wear mine ALL the time! So cute and no restricting band like maternity jean shorts or jeans have.

Dry Shampoo // With 2 other kiddos running around the house- dry shampoo is a must! I will have this in my hospital bag as well.

Maternity Pajamas // This set us only $16! I don’t like to spend a ton on maternity clothes so this is the perfect PJ set to snag.

Bath Salts // These bath salts are made for pregnancy and contain magnesium to help with nausea and vomiting. I totally noticed a difference when I used them. I was much more relaxed and even slept better. Great for those nights when you are having a hard time falling asleep – oh the perks of pregnancy!

Honest Body Butter // I use this on my body ALL over every day. I think keeping your skin ultra-hydrating helps with stretch marks.

Mommee Coffee // I like to drink coffee al day long so finding a good safe alternative that helps with indigestion is key. This is half calf and organic!

Weekender Bag // This bag works perfectly for a weekend bag, hospital bag and can transition into your baby bag.

Faux Leggings // The faux leather leggings can dress up any outfit without having to put on a pair of “pants” or jeans. I love how high this pair goes.


I haven’t bought a ton of maternity clothes really other than jeans and a few dresses. Almost everything I wore I just ordered 1-2 sizes up so I could wear it after I have the baby. Some other favorites:

 – Black Leggings – Love align- soft, stretchy and buttery soft

– Adidas Sneakers

 – Cute maternity dresses

Lounge set 

Happy Pregnancy!




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