May 9

5 At Home Activities For Your Creative Side

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by Morgan

Happy Saturday! It’s Morgan here and I wanted to recommend some at home activities to do while social distancing. I live in an apartment by myself (+ 2 furry friends) and while I’ve done my fair share of cleaning, organizing & watching Netflix, I’ve been craving some fresh new activities to do at home and thought some of you might be too.

Walking away from screens to get creative, work with my hands & use a different part of my brain feels SO GOOD! It’s refreshing & healthy to focus on something that can let your mind relax a little bit, yet still be challenged (in a fun way). And remember, often times it’s about the process not the product, so don’t think these aren’t for you if you don’t call yourself “creative”.


at home creative activities


Do an Adult Paint by Number // We just got these Paint by Numbers in at the shop & they’ve been so fun! If you don’t call yourself “creative” or “artistic” you can still do this & create a masterpiece. When you first open them up it’s a little overwhelming… so many small little parts & numbers. But what you quickly learn is you don’t have to be super precise and as long as you are following the color guide you get a truly beautiful painting to be proud of!

Put Together a New Puzzle // I go in & out of puzzle phases, but once I start one I get super into it. I love the sense of accomplishment when I put in that last piece. When you are finished with a puzzle do you pass it on, or keep it to do again? I like to pass them on! One of the things I love about these puzzles is that they come in a beautiful case to keep on the game shelf or to gift/pass on to a fellow puzzle lover.

Make Your Own Sushi Making  // During busier times this is something I wouldn’t normally take the time to do/learn. But, with more time at home spending an evening learning to roll sushi & making a creative meal sounds like a perfect quarantine activity. And they don’t all have to be fish; I love a good veggie roll!

Create a Chat Book // We all have photos on our phone, either from past travels or from every day life, that should live somewhere else too. Choose your favorites photos & add them to a little book to put on your coffee table for the family to look through & reminisce. Want to cheer someone up?! Send mom & dad or grandma & grandpa a copy too!

Make an Embroidery Design // An activity to do while you are watching TV that doesn’t involve another screen. I can’t state enough how good it feels to do something productive with your hands. It’s also so good for your brain! I am a creative person but I promise with these guides & all you can learn from a simple you-tube search, anyone can learn & accomplish embroidery stitches.



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  1. I love the idea of the chat book! I need to find a British equivalent of this offer. Thanks for putting the ideas together 🙂 Stay safe!