First Trimester Q&A

April 17, 2020

Q: What workouts made you feel the best during your first trimester with the food cravings and morning sickness?

A: So I worked out super early like 5/6AM and my morning sickness would not hit me until after I ate breakfast. If I would have tried working out later in the day there would have been no way that was happening. I felt way too sick.

Q: How has your skincare routine changed and what products are you using now?

A: I stopped using Obagi or any products with Hydroquinone. I stopped using any retinol as well. I shared a post of some of my favorites that are pregnancy safe here.

Q: How has your fitness routine changed/ been modified, if at all, and when did you start to show?

A: The first trimester I did not change my fitness routine or modify. I worked out with both my pregnancies and my doctor said it was okay to continue working out as I normally do. However, now that I have more of a belly I definitely modify and try to be careful with diastasis recti. This instagram shows great workouts to prevent diastasis recti and be careful with your form.

I started to show around 8 or 9 weeks especially after a days worth of eating. My body showed so much faster with #3. I feel like I look 35 weeks pregnant right now!

Q: What’s the best advice for first time mamas going through the first trimester?

A: If you are sick or tired you DO start to feel better after your first trimester- I promise! If you are craving carbs and fried foods that is OKAY. that is all I wanted to eat for the first 10 weeks and that is okay. Whatever gets you through your sickness or your day – you do! The good news is, I was even able to stomach my “healthy foods” again. The second I hit 12 weeks my nauseous went away and I started to like vegetables again. I definitely still have cravings and eat a lot more but I am able to eat salads again and try to be somewhat healthy!

Q: Is there anything you are supposed to do to stay healthy pregnant during this pandemic?

A: There hasn’t been a ton of info with women and Covid-19 so that has been hard. Michael does all the store runs and I try to stay home and stay as healthy as possible. I do take a vitamin C supplement, prenantal vitamins, and get lots of fruits and veggies to keep me healthy. I did one store run bc I was going insane inside and wore a mask and gloves. My suggestion is to just to try and stay home and quarantined as much as possible!

Q: How did you find out the gender so early on in your pregnancy?

A: We did a blood test that finds out.

Q: How did you deal with morning sickness/nausea? Did you have to take any medicine?

A: I did not take any medication. I didn’t throw up but I felt awful and just dealt with it. I still had to work, I still would have to get dressed and get ready for blog pics and work obligations which was really hard!

Q: Was your sickness the same about or different in having a boy vs a girl?

A: I felt the sickest this pregnancy and I don’t remember it being so bad with Sutton. so maybe it’s a boy thing or maybe because it’s my third pregnancy.

Q: What are your food aversions?

A: Dark soda, my favorite sweet mint gum, most veggies (in the beginning) certain seafood,

Q: Have you had any cravings?

A: Yes! Anything fried especially french fries. Lots of cereal! Cheese dip, salty chips. But the one thing I craved everyday was a hot dog! It has finally calmed down a bit now that my sickness has gone away. when I was sick all I wanted to do was eat and eat carbs.

Q: When are you due?

A: September 23rd

Q: How did you find out your pregnant?

A: I took a test right after our trip to Turks since I was late and we were quite surprised!

Q: When will you start decorating the nursery?

A: I won’t start until after I have the baby and we are in the new home. My babies sleep in a bassinet next to my bed for the first 6 months so I’m not worried about having a room done by my due date. It will give me something to work on while I nurse late at night!

Q: Are you wearing maternity clothes yet?

Not yet. But I’m going to order a maternity band and some maternity bras this week! I’ve been going up sizes in clothing and some of my clothes don’t fit anymore but for some reason I don’t shop maternity sections very often.



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  1. I would love some maternity bra recommendations after you order some this week. First pregnancy over here and have no idea where to start with those types of things when I can’t physically go to a store.

    • I have a bunch of stretchy leggings that work really well for my bump now and haven’t had to buy any maternity yet!