Wellness Wednesday: How I’m Staying Healthy Right Now

March 25, 2020

How’s everyone doing with everything happening right now? We’re all doing OK down here in Kansas City, but there’s no doubt this is a difficult time. While I’m not a doctor or expert on what you should be doing right now, I thought it might be helpful to share with you guys what I’ve been doing to stay healthy (in addition to staying home as much as possible and washing my hands). Our routine and schedules have changed quite a bit, but below are the things I’m doing to make sure I’m keeping me (and baby!), the kids and Michael safe and healthy!

At-home workouts

This is obviously a big one for me. I think it’s so important that just because none of us can go to the gym that we don’t stop moving our bodies. I’m definitely much happier all around when I’m able to still get in a good sweat session. A few at-home workout programs I love include Obe Fitness, Sculpt Society and Sweat Lab. Most apps or programs are offering at least 60 days free to help anyone who wants to workout at home but maybe can’t afford a membership. There’s also always YouTube! All you have to do is search “at-home yoga” or “HIIT workout” or whatever you want to do and tons of free options will come up. I like to workout right away when I wake up so it sets my tone and mood for the day! 

Getting outside

One of the best things about this quarantine is that we’re still able to get outside – weather permitting of course. It’s great for family walks or just getting out of the house for a bit. For me, it’s not even about using this opportunity for exercise, but for sanity. Being cooped up in the house for days on end (whether you have kids or not) is mentally draining so it’s been a big help to head outside when we can.

If you’re interested in my outfit, it’s all from Backcountry – one of my favorite brands. The leggings sparked some much-needed joy with their little bit of sparkle and the tee is the perfect cropped, boxy top to casually wear around the house and out on walks this time of year layered with a great jacket or vest. This Patagonia vest has been a favorite of mine for years and great for in-between seasons and right now it’s 30% off! And you can never go wrong with a classic black pair of Adidas sneakers, am I right? This pair is hands down my most comfortable pair of workout/running shoes I own!  Backcountry gave me this code to share with you all so you could pick up any of these items with a discount. Use code: CELLA15 for 15% off your order!

Lots of healthy cooking

You guys know I love getting in the kitchen with the kids, and this has only increased since our family quarantine began. I know grocery stores are a bit of a madhouse right now, but try to stock up on some healthy basics like frozen veggies, quinoa, ground turkey and any produce that’s available (you can always freeze something if it starts to go bad). Make cooking a family activity so it feels like something fun rather than a chore!

Breathing exercises/meditation

If you haven’t tried the Calm app or Headspace, now is definitely a good time to give one of them a go. I believe both of them have some free offerings – especially now when people need peace and clarity more than ever. I like to do breathing exercises when I start to feel anxious and I love a good guided meditation for going to sleep.

Staying home with the family

Obviously we’re staying home right now, but part of the mental health piece of all of this for me is spending time with the kids (Michael too!). It reminds me why self-isolating is so important and that all the things we’re doing now are worth it to protect them and other more vulnerable people. So if you’re really struggling to stay home, here’s a reminder that it’s not just for you – it’s for your grandparents, or friend who is immunocompromised or your pregnant sister, etc. We’re all in this together!

I’d love to hear anything you’re doing at home to maintain a healthy routine!


Stroller (30% off right now) // Patagonia vest (small) // leggings // the tee // Sunglasses // Water Bottle // Sneakers

Use code: CELLA15 for 15% off your order!

a big thanks to Backcountry for sponosoring this post!

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  1. These are great ideas. I’ve been using a couple of free apps (with ads, of course) for working out – it’s so stinky that the gyms are closed, but it makes sense. Luckily, here in Utah, I’m able to escape to the mountains in Salt Lake City for a bit if I need to – weather permitting like you said – we got a couple of inches of snow this morning in the valley and even more in the canyons and mountains! Just found your blog and subscribed – happy I did, too! 🙂