Statement Sneakers Under $100

March 13, 2020

I’ve been a sneakers girl for as long as I can remember so I’m especially loving the entire sneaker trend. While I have my fair share of neutral, everyday sneakers, lately I’m all about what I call “statement sneakers”. Whether embellished with just a little bling or detailed with a print or color, they’re a fun way to spruce up an otherwise basic outfit. They’re perfect for the athleisure look that I find myself in so much of the time but they also make a feminine outfit feel cool. Not to mention they make whatever you’re wearing a whole lot more comfortable.

My main tip for wearing statement sneakers is to keep the rest of your outfit pretty neutral. Mixing snakeskin sneakers with too much color or print on your body is going overboard, in my opinion. I usually pull towards whatever shade the shoes have – warm or cool – and then go neutral or monochrome when it comes to my outfit. It makes for a good balance of classic and trending.

Since I know that a lot of the statement sneakers can run at a really high price point, I wanted to find some more affordable options for everyone. For everyday wear, I gravitate to these options, all Under $100, because they don’t break the bank but still allow you to play with the trend. All of these options are from DSW, which is where I buy a lot of my shoes in general – but their sneaker game is amazing. I personally grabbed these Crown Vintage snakeskin sneakers that I’m wearing in these shots but I also have my eye on these and these. DSW has a ton more options, some which I’ll link for you below, but if you’re looking to try out statement sneakers, definitely head there first.


A big thanks to DSW for sponsoring this post!



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