Casual Holiday Party Outfits

November 15, 2019

Today I want to chat about what to wear to a more casual holiday party at home.  As much as I love dressing up, these are some of my favorite types of holiday parties. You get to play board games, indulge in cheese boards and laugh with friends over wine. I always like to have a cozy outfit for the festivities. Here are a few fool-proof outfit pieces perfect for more casual holiday parties:

  1. Sequin Top
  2. Statement earrings
  3. Stretchy pants
  4. Embellished Sweater

My rule of thumb is if you are playing it safe with either pants or your top then you need to step it up a notch on the other end. For example, want to wear blue jeans to a party? No problem, just add a statement top, like this sequin one and a pair of statement earrings or shoes!