Oct 17

Wellness Wednesday: Vol. 7 // My All Time Favorite Leggings

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Hi everyone! I talked on my stories the other day about a comment I got using the  term “favorite” . I realize I use that word a lot but my job is to try different products and find the best of the best. Believe me I return a lot of products that I don’t like, trying to save you from that hassle. So today I am going to share with the my top 3 all time favorite leggings. A girl can have more than one favorite, right? Especially since I wear leggings almost everyday!

Alo Airlift – Size XS

You can shop them here and here and I will add a shop the post below to shop the post so you can see them all here.

I have been wearing this pair of legging for years! It has been my tried and true, these high-waist Airlift leggings. They are so light, soft to touch, hug me in all the right places and are perfect for yoga, a workout or just to go out for brunch.

The fabric stays so soft and keeps its shape through multiple washes which is fab – especially as I wash all my leggings A LOT.

Other reasons I love them:

  • hug in all the right places
  • stretchy
  • light and soft
  • ultra flattering
  • four-way stretch and moisture-wicking technology


Lululemon Align – Size 2

I found these leggings this year and they quickly made it to the top of my “favorites” list. They are buttery soft and pliable, you put them on and feel like you are instantly as flexible as a pretzel. I have been wearing the 25″ but will probably start getting the 28″ for fall and winter. They would be great with boots too.

Other reasons I love them:

  • mega stretchy, not compressive at all
  • high waist
  • flattering heart-shaped seam above your butt that makes you look like you have glut muscles
  • double seam on the inner thigh, so there’s no seam right in the middle, I am assuming so there’s less chafing
  • leggings you can still wear on days you aren’t feeling like you have a food baby
  • they come in dark, creamy fall colors


*Comes in lots of colors:


Alo Beyond Yoga– Size XS

I constantly feel these leggings when I am wearing them! They are super soft. I love the heathered look.

Other reasons I love them:

  • so soft
  • thicker than the Align
  • high waisted
  • I love to wear traveling and for lounge



Free People High Rise Good Karma Legging 7/8 size xs/s

New to the crew but love them so much already! I have been wearing these nonstop. I love the colors and cool wash – so stylish for gym, yoga or streetwear.

Other reasons I love them:

  • holds-you-in high rise and super-soft feel
  • transition to brunch, Bikram and beyond
  •  7/8 length (almost full-length but a touch shorter!) and breathable pinhole details make for a wear-every-day, no-fuss fit



Worried about washing your leggings? Don’t worry, I have washed mine countless times! Here are a few tips to keep them in the best condition.

PROTECT YOUR LEGGINGS: Before washing them. turn them inside out- when I take my leggings off I leave them inside out for the wash!

CHOOSE A GENTLE CYCLE: Next, you should pour some active detergent into the washing machine and choose a gently, cool water cycle. Don’t use any fabric conditioner if the leggings are made of synthetic materials. Conditioner could prevent the material from being sweet proof.

LEAVE TO DRY: Finally, when the cycle is complete, you should take your leggings out of the wash. Hang them up and leave them to dry naturally. They should not take too long to become completely dry. Warning: DO NOT put these leggings in a dryer!




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  1. I know this is an old post, but I came across it on Pinterest. Where is that white/cream rubber sweater from in the Alo Beyond Yoga photo? Thank you!

    • This blue was from the Nordstrom sale – I’m not sure it is available anymore, but the blue now is just a hint darker.