Oct 8

Tuesday Tips & Questions: Volume 27

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It’s already the 2nd Tuesday in October, and the cooler air in Kansas City feels so good. No more sweaty photoshoots in Fall sweaters and 90* temps! Answering some questions from this past week & sharing a few tips below as well. If you’re looking for all my past Tuesday Tips & Questions posts, just search Tuesday Tips in the search bar!


Q: What is your name on PoshMark?

A: I sell pieces from my closet on Poshmark — my name there is cellajane. I have a lot of items listed right now!

Q: Where do you get your lashes done?

A: I go to LashLounge in Overland Park. If you mention Cella Jane, there is a discount!

Q: What scooter is Sutton riding?

A: It’s called the Wiggle Scooter – she loves it! You can find it here.

Q: Where is your MAMA necklace from?

A: MAMA necklace here. I love using it to layer with some of my other every day favorites.

Q: What are your laundry room favorites? 

A: I love this detergent for sheets & activewear because it smells SO good!

Other laundry room favorites:


  1. To help your pumpkins last longer, let them soak in warm soapy water + a little bit of bleach. Rinse & dry after a 30 minute soak. This will help prevent molding.
  2. Love roasted pumpkin seeds? Found these 5 seasoning options & thought they looked so yummy!
  3. Best tip to keeping your mums looking great this Fall – keep the soil moist. But, it it rains, be sure to empty the saucer under neath – too much water isn’t good for them. And remember, if the weather goes over 70* make sure they are in the shade!




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