Oct 21

My Favorite Shoes for Fall Festivities

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Fall is very much in the air here in Kansas City and me, Michael and the kids are loving it! We’re doing all the fall things including picking up some mums for our front porch, visiting local pumpkin patches and apple orchards and even checking out some cider mills! Oh, and don’t forget making lots of Starbucks runs in between so mommy can stay caffeinated on yummy fall-inspired drinks!

When we’re running around doing all of these fun, kind of outdoor-focused activities, I like to get into the spirit of things (and not to mention keep warm) and break out my favorite Sorel boots. They’re durable, great for kids and it doesn’t matter if they get dirty because that’s what they’re made for! Not to mention they keep mine and the kids’ toes toasty warm! As you can tell, I absolutely love Sorel and I can always find whatever style I’m looking for myself and the kids at Shoes.com

I’ve been wearing this pair so far this season, but also have my eye on these (because who doesn’t want a heeled outdoor boot??) and then either this tall lace-up pair or this more heavy duty pair for when winter hits. And for the kids, Sutton has this pair and Grey has these, but I also love these and these for littles! See what I mean? Shoes.com has every single style! 


Are you a Sorel lover like our family? If you haven’t tried the brand – or shopping at Shoes.com – I suggest you get on it ASAP!


Sutton’s boots (wearing size 11)

My boots – TTS

A big thanks to shoes.com for sponsoring this post!



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  1. Love the whole look. I see the vest is from Lululemon. Where is the rest of the outfit from including that caramel tuque? ?