Sep 18

Wellness Wednesday: Volume 4 // Post Vacation Detox Tips

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I get a lot of questions if I work out and stick to a diet while on vacation and the truth is… I don’t. I work out and eat healthy consistently throughout the year so when it comes to vacation, I like to take a break from working out and enjoy as much time off as I can! When I get home, I get right back into a healthy routine and it normally takes me about a week to get back on track and feel normal! Today I am sharing some detox tips for post-vacation that help me get back on track!

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1// Hydrate

Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day will flush out toxins, keep the body from hanging onto unwanted fat and keep your skin hydrated. I aim for at least 64-96 oz a day. This water bottle HANDS DOWN is my favorite and helps me hit my daily water intake goal!

2 // Cut Out Alcohol

You can’t detox while putting toxins back into your body. Lemon water is a great natural detox drink. I try to do at least 5-7 days of no alcohol after vacation.

3 // Increase your Veggie Intake

Eat lots of veggies!  They are basically calorie-free, full of antioxidants and promote natural cleansing. Avoid starchy veggies, like potatoes and corn.

4 // Decrease Sugar and Processed Foods

Cut back on fruit juice, dried fruits, muffins, candy, chips, cookies. Anything that is made on a machine is processed. Focus on WHOLE foods.

5 // Be patient and Consistent.

You may not see change right away, but stick to the course and it will pay off!

I hope you guys found this helpful! If you have any detox tips to share, leave in the comments below! I love reading!


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  1. Hi! Love this! Can you tell me where the top windbreaker is from?

  2. I so appreciate your honesty about actually being “on vacation “and enjoying yourself and your family to it’s fullest !! So many of our friends plan every vacation day around their workouts and it’s important for people to hear that it’s okay to not exercise when on vacation and to relish those special memories and to soak it all up – thank you for your honesty!! ( I don’t either but I don’t have an Instagram with all the followers ?)

    • Thank you for saying that! It is so important to give your body “time off” and what better time than on a vacation with your loved ones!
      Xx, Becky!