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13 of the Best Coffee Table Books + Tips on how to Style Them

September 15, 2019


I am sure most of you have started or are about to start transitioning some of your home decor for fall. As I was looking at my current decor, thinking about adding in some fall, I noted certain statement pieces I would keep out no matter the time of year; one of them being coffee table books.

So today I wanted to share some my favorite coffee table books (all under $50). I tend to buy my coffee table books in neutral color tones and then add in color through candles, vases and art. I look for books with a variety of size, color, spine thickness, and textures. Here are 13 neutral, must have books and 5 styling tips.


  1. With a large, square coffee table, keep it simple and have 4 clean stacks of books. You can mix up the number of books on each stack.
  2. With a round coffee table imagine the table as a triangle. Have a stack of coffee table books at one point, a vase or pot on another and then a tray or candle on the other.
  3. Add a vase, bowl, frame or candle on top of a stack of books. This adds another texture to your decor and also adds more height.
  4. Stick to the rule of odd numbers when styling with books.
  5. When creating stacks be sure to consider the colors of the books jacket verses the book bare. You can use your books either way. Sometimes taking off the books jacket will compliment the combination better and give texture to the stack.

Coffee Table books are great pieces to invest in. They are a very versatile styling piece and can be used alone or to add height & weight to your shelves & coffee tables year round. Some of my favorites places to look for coffee table books are local boutiques, Amazon, Home Goods & used book stores. And, as they say, never judge a book by its cover – try taking off the book jacket if you aren’t a fan of the cover and see what it looks like bare.

xo, Claire


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