Baby Checklist

July 6, 2019


Aside from cute clothes, toys & nursery decor, there are many baby must-haves. Some provide function, some provide convenience, but after 2 babies these are things I would recommend to put on your check list before bringing home baby!

travel stroller // infant car seat & stroller // car seat // rinser // shampoo & wash // hooded towel & washcloth set // baby bath lotus // sleep sack // swaddle // monitor // crib // sound machine // brush set // no touch thermometer // nail clipper // snotsucker // bandana bibs // plate & spoon // baby food masher // bottles & warmer // nursing pillow


travel stroller // This stroller is great for on the go. It fold easily & compactly and is slim enough to get around most places.

infant car seat & stroller // this stroller & car seat set is a good deal. Again, easy to use & they work together to grow with your baby. We used this for Greyson and like the option to take car seat and convert right into stroller so if Greyson was napping we wouldn’t have to get him out of his car seat.

car seat // Once my babies grew out of their infant car seat, this is what we use. The safety features and reviews on this car seat speak for itself! Full review here.


rinser // We’ve all used a plastic cup before, but this rinser gives you the ability to control the water flow better as you are pouring. It has a soft rubber edge you can place right on their forehead.

shampoo & wash // There are a lot of good washes out there. Burts Bees is a brand I know I can trust.

hooded towel & washcloth set // A towel & washcloth set makes a great gift with a few other little bath-time items. Nothing sweeter than a clean baby wrapped up in hooded towel!

baby bath lotus // This makes sink baths so easy & comfortable as it cradles baby. I also like that it is washer/dryer safe, so you know it’s getting fully cleaned when needed.


sleep sack // For keeping baby warm & cozy until they can safely have a blanket in their crib.

swaddle // A necessity for infants and convenient for on the go & floor play.

monitor // I like that the owlet monitor is used on your phone, so you don’t have to keep track of another device.

crib // This is the crib we have for Greyson. It’s gender neutral so can be passed down to siblings.

sound machine // A must, and my 2 & 4-year-olds still have one on every night.


brush set // A bamboo set – soft bristles to help control the peach fuzz and a thick tooth combed once those baby hairs grow out a bit.

no touch thermometer // You don’t have to wrestle a squirming baby to get their temp because it is no touch.

nail clipper // It has a little magnifier to help you see what you’re working with.

snotsucker // Always hesitation to use, but it works well and I like that you can easily clean it and see that it gets clean.


bandana bibs // Greyson always had on a bandana bib. Kept his clothes dry during feedings & from drooling while teething.

plate & spoon // Great little set that suctions down so there is not plate throwing.

baby food masher // There is a period of time when you’re mashing up everything. This little tool makes it super easy and less messy than trying to mash with a fork. Good for fruits & veggies and any other softer first foods.

bottles & warmer // I really liked having a bottle warmer and we used the Chicco bottle as well.

nursing pillow // For nursing, holding & propping up on the floor. Lots of fun covers to choose from too.

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  1. Thank you for putting in all the hard word to basically be our personal shopping assistant for the Nordy sale! My personal fav is the super cute leopard cardigan!