Jun 28

Stylish Ways to Transform Your Vanity

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Today I am sharing some super cute items to leave out on your vanity to spruce up your counter tops.

1// Faceted Organizer 2// Jewelry Stand 3// Vestige Lipstick Holder 4// Marble Tray 5// Vanity Tray 6// Wire Loop Brush Holder 7// Acrylic Makeup Organizer 8// Glass Storage Jars 9// Wink Eye Bath Mat

My vanity is one of the only spaces in the house that is totally mine and most of the time kid free. Which means I am able to have pretty things sitting out on my counters without worrying Greyson is going to come pull something off.

1// Faceted Organizer – This organizer is gorgeous! I love the mix of acrylic and gold.

3// Vestige Lipstick Holder – This would look so pretty on a vanity! You can sit out 6 of your most worn or favorite lipsticks!

4// Marble Tray – A simple marble tray really elevates your counter space. I have an older version on this one on my counter and it just adds another layer.

8// Glass Storage Jars – This are perfect for cotton pads, q-tips and cotton balls. Simple adds like these really amp up your space.

Do you guys like to have pretty things sitting out on your vanity?

Hope every has a great weekend!

Xx Becky



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