Jun 25

Baby Registry Must Haves

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Even though my babies are 2 & 4 and I don’t have ‘babies’ as in infants at home, people still ask me what my favorite baby items are/were. So, I thought I would share what I would put on my baby registry if I were to make one today.

mama belly butter // babyganics lotion // wubbanub // comotomo bottle // sophie teether // bowl & spoon // baby oil // rockaroo // snoo smart sleeper // dock a tot // sound machine // boon grass // bath lotus // owlet // babyganics wipes // board books // bottle brush // swaddles

Whether you’re creating a baby registry, or not sure what to get a friend who just had a baby, below are some of my top picks!

owlet // the owlet calms those middle of the night, is my baby still ok fears? I haven’t heard them, but I don’t want to wake them if I go in their room. The owlet tracks heart beat, oxygen levels & streams video & audio on your phone.

snoo smart sleeper // give the mama gift of sleep. As a high price item, this makes a great group gift. Have everyone at a shower go in together, or round up family and friends to chip in to give this as a group. I had this with Greyson and loved it! It senses baby’s movements & responds with sounds & movements and has a built in swaddle to keep baby snug and safe on their back.

bamboo bowl & spoon // a suction bottom is a must! It prevents you from picking up a bowl & food over and over again. Let’s be honest, you’ll still be cleaning up food from the floor, but at least it’s not a whole bowl full at a time!

boon grass // so many dishes & washing being done with a baby and the well-known boon grass is really the best & easiest place to ‘put all of the pieces’.

diapers // something I loved and received from friends was diapers with notes my friends wrote for me on the outside. I loved getting a laugh from sometimes in the middle of night changing baby

sound machine // both kids still use these & we bring them when we travel!

halo sleep sack // fleece for winter & cotton for summer

bath lotus // for sink bath — we used the puj, but I really like this new soft lotus version.

baby oil // I also loved the Mustela lotion too.

babyganics wipes // fragrance free for even the most sensitive skin.

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