Tuesday Tips & Questions: Volume 11

Can’t believe it’s Tuesday again! I’ve gathered up reader questions from the blog & instagram and answered some below. This post seems to be very food centered. Sharing 2 recipes that were seen in my stories over the weekend and I’m also sharing some food tips!

Tuesday Tips:

-Frustrated with brown sugar hardening in pantry? Throw in some marshmallows in an air tight container and then add the brown sugar. Will keep it soft & won’t get bread crumbs in your brown sugar if you used to use the bread trick!

-Having a few of these items prepped at the beginning of the week helps me be able to make quick, easy & healthy lunches throughout the week. 1. browned ground turkey 2. shredded chicken 3. roasted/steamed veggies (usually have to do prep a few times a week) 4. quinoa (I get at Trader Joe’s)

I will be sharing a Trader Joe’s shopping list with meal ideas soon!

My IG story highlights “Healthy Eats” has some of my go-to lunches that always have at least 1 or 2 of the 4 items mentioned above!

Reader Questions:

Q: What plates are the kids using?

We love these silicone ones with 3 sections. They suction to the table too.

Q: What’s the Chicken Jalepeno Poppers recipe from your stories this weekend?

We didn’t follow an exact recipe for this so I don’t have exact measurements, but will share what we did. For amounts, use your best cooking judgement!

Took fresh jalepenos & cut tops off then used a small spoon to get seeds & veins out. In large bowl took shredded cooked chicken and mixed it with low fat cream cheese & habanero shredded cheese, salt, pepper, chili powder & garlic salt. Then I stuffed the mixture in the jalepenos. Cooked at 400* for around 20 minutes and watched for jalepenos to blister & cheese to melt.

Q: Please share your Cucumber Salad Recipe!

This is my mother in laws recipe that we make all of the time.

1/3 C. white vinegar // 1 tbsp salt // 2 tbsp sugar // 3 cucumbers // sliced white onion // dill weed

Mix all together in bowl – can eat right away, but tasted really good after about 20 minutes in the fridge!

Q: The tank you’re wearing – do you have a strapless bra on or is it thick enough to wear without a bra?

I am – it is this strapless bra.

Q: Can you do a Sutton hair tutorial? What products do you use for her hair?

I just learned to french braid – it’s hard! I will try to share how we do it. To do her hair we use this detangler after bath + wet brush, water spray bottle (to help tame bed head in the morning) & always use clear elastics. We use this shampoo & conditioner.

If you have any questions for next week you’d like answered, please leave in comments. Have a great week!

xx Becky

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  1. Hi, Becky! My question is about sun care for kids. How are you taking care of their skin now? My son is 2.5 and I am not sure if I should be doing anything other than applying sunscreen. Thanks!

    1. Great question! Answering it in today’s Tuesday Tips & Questions!

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