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Tuesday Series

Tuesday Tips & Questions: Volume 7

March 26, 2019

Happy Tuesday! It’s the day where I answer some of your most asked questions and sharing some quick tips.


I found this chart on Pinterest and thought it was super helpful. It’s giving me the confidence to try out some new plants this Spring — and to save some ones I have. 🙂 Here is a chart/pictures just for succulents. I was also recently recommended this plant food which can be used for indoor & outdoor plants.



A mess free way to decorate eggs it to put temporary tattoos on your hard boiled eggs. I’m starting to collect tattoos for our Easter eggs — I know my kids will love these insects & reptiles and I love these. (Make sure your eggs are room temp & not cold or wet before applying tattoos.)


Can you please tell me which vitamins, probiotics and complex B you are taking?

This B complex & this probiotic.

What preset do you use on your photos?

I edit with the Lightroom App and have just made up my own presets. Even with presets you still have to make adjustments to each photo, unless you’re editing pictures from the exact same setting (same lighting). I always adjust the exposure, contrast & temp.

Where is your gold frame TV stand/console from?

A lot of people asked about our TV console on Instagram. Ours is sold out – but I found similar here & here.

What do you put in your morning protein shake?

I shared my daily recipe here. To give you a brief rundown I use Vanilla or Chocolate Protein Powder (whichever I am craving that day), Powdered Peanut Butter , MCT Oil, Truvia, White Chia Seeds , Spinach, Ice & Water. I blend in a Vitamix. See post for full recipe! My go to recipe book for smoothies & shakes is Body Love.

Where are your planters from?

I shared on my IG stories that Adorn Planters was here yesterday planting my front planters for Spring. My tall planter can be found here and the shorter one (similar).

Can you share your tanning oil again?

Sure – I love this duo for face and body here.

Can you link those Adidas sneakers you wore on your stories?

Here they are and they fit TTS.

Can you share more details on Greyson’s nursery?

You can see his full room tour here.

What’s the exact style of circle ray-bans do you have?

I have this exact pair! – one of my favorites!

Hope you have a great Tuesday and make sure to leave a question for next week’s series!

Becky xx

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  1. The link to your tv console on here is invalid and the other one links to a book (i think thats by accident). can you post the links to your tv console or similar dupes? Thanks!