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10 Mother Daughter Date Ideas that Will Make Her Smile

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Having a daughter has been one of the biggest joys of my life. Being able to do special mommy and me things with her that are just for us brings such a huge smile to my face and hers. And I love sharing these moments with you guys because I think sometimes it can be hard to dream up special activities on the spot that are just for the two of you.

This is why when Mud Pie asked me to share some ideas for fun mother-daughter activities, I jumped at the chance. I came up with 10 things that I’m keeping as kind of a list for Sutton and me to eventually check off (hopefully all this summer!). We’ve done a few of them already, but I know there’s fun to be had with all of them.

As for Mud Pie, it’s a brand I love and trust for not only Sutton but for myself and home goods as well. I highly recommend checking them out as most everything we’re wearing is from there. I’ll link to everything so you can be sure to give things a look!

1. Go out  for your favorite yummy treat

As you can see from the photos, this is what Sutton and I chose to do. We dressed up in our spring-inspired outfits from Mud Pie and hit the ice cream shop. Ice cream is never a bad idea when it comes to yummy treats!

2. Stargaze

Sutton recently got a flashcard set called “100 Things to Spot in the Night Sky” and is obsessed with it. It’s kind of become a fun family activity that we all love. I think it’ll be especially fun this summer.

3. Visit the farmers market

Kansas City has some amazing farmers markets, but you can find them no matter where you live. I want to take a special trip to one this summer with Sutton and then come home and make a meal together with what we buy.

4. Do some yoga together

As someone who loves working out, doing yoga with my daughter sounds like a dream. I hope this is something we can keep doing together no matter how old we are!

5. Go to the library or bookstore

Sutton loves books. To help foster that, I like taking her to pick out a new book every once in a while. Or, we’ll go to the local library and sit together and read.

6. Pack up and go to the park for a picnic date

Summer picnics are the best! I’m hoping to do a lot of these with just Sutton and also the whole family this summer.

7. Have a spa day at home

If you’ve got a girl who loves a good spa moment, slice up some cucumbers for your eyes and mix up a homemade mask for the two of you to enjoy. I recommend a movie night camped out on the living room floor afterward!

8. Catch a show

Whether it’s just going to an afternoon movie or going to see something on stage, catching a show is one of my favorite ways to spend time with Sutton.

9. Let her dress you

I haven’t tried this one yet – right now it’s still the other way around, but Sutton LOVES when we match.

10. Mani/Pedi

A classic girl date that’s perfect for mother and daughter! Sutton loves the massage chairs and she sits so still for them. She asks to go often and it’s so fun she is old enough to go now!

How do you like to spend time with you daughter?

Becky xx

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  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas! My daughter isn’t old enough for these yet but I’m excited to do all these things with her! I do dress her to match me sometimes though 😉