My Sunless Tanning Routine // Self- Tan Drops Review & Tips

January 2, 2019

After so many requests for an updated tanning routine, I wanted to share what products I use to get a healthy glow during these cold winter months!



Tan Luxe Face Illuminating Self -Tan Drops // 


You may have seen these Tan Luxe tanning drops on stories! They are literally life changing! They make (sunless) self -tanning so easy!

All you do is just add 2-3 Tan Luxe Face Illuminating Self -Tan drops to your face moisturizer and you face gets an even, healthy glow in a matter of hours! No fuss, no mess! The tan drops are seriously the easiest way to bronze your face! I use the medium/dark shade. I do this 2-3 times a week or until you achieve your desired tan.

For my body I use Tan Luxe Body Illuminating Self -Tan Drops in the Medium/Dark shade. I add 4 drops to my body lotion and apply as I normally would.


The Tan Luxe drops are cruelty-free serum! And they are is packed with skin-boosting, certified organic ingredients derived from Raspberry Seed Oil, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera for hydrating benefits including Cellutone Complex to help firm the surface of the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Start with fewer drops and you can always adjust if you need to do more. I suggest starting with 2 drops for your face and 3-4 for body and then if you want a darker tan – add more drops next time.

Avoid your mustache area. I have woken up with a dark mustache so be careful not to apply heavily in that area.

Wash your hands after you apply.

There is a Tan Eraser Solution you can use to remove self -tanner if case you have a streak or leftover tan you want to remove.

Body Blur by Vita Liberata //

The other product that I LOVE is Body Blur by Vita Liberata. I use this more so for occasions when I am wearing a dress or need a quick last minute tan for events or outings. Trust me when I say, you will LOVE this tanner. This is what the Victoria Secret Models makeup artist used on them for the VS Fashion Show!

It almost acts like an airbrush when you apply. It smooths and covers any imperfections and you get this glow with a satiny matte finish. I use this on my legs, feet, arms, and chest! I will never stop buying this and will always have this on hand for last minute tans!

I use the shade Latte Dark.


Tips when Applying Body Blur by Vita Liberata.

Apply Body Blur with your skin is totally dry.

I suggest using a tanning mitt (not included), large makeup brush (not included), or your hands.A little goes a long way! Apply in small pea-size dots along limbs, then blend well in long circular movements.

Be careful with light colored clothing. It can transfer slightly onto the neck, shoulders, and underarms of tops.

The formula takes about 10 minutes to dry (or at least that’s how long it took for my skin to feel dry), but I wait 20 minutes before putting on my clothes just to be safe.


Feel free to comment below with any questions!

Becky xx




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  1. When using the tan drops, how long does the color stay on your skin? Does it wash off in the shower that night or does it stay on for a few days?

  2. Are these the first tanning drops you have used? I’m between Tan Luxe and Isle of Paradise and wanted to know if you’ve tried both. Thanks!

    • I do use and LOVE St Tropez. I love the drops for ease of application and for a base tan that it gives me. I find myself liking these way better just bc it’s so easy to apply every other day!

  3. For the body tanning drops, do you mix them with a regular moisturizer and use a total of 3-4 drops for entire body. (i.e. do you mix 3-4 drops with whatever amount of lotion you would use for entire body in one application?)

    • Good question! So I use 3-4 drops for multiple application. So for my arms 3 drops. Then when I apply lotion to my legs – I added 4 drops to that application. Does that make sense?

  4. What kind of body lotion would you recommend using with the body drops? Specifically for sensitive skin! I find that too many artificial fragrances irititate my skin. Thank you:)