Greyson Update 22 Months

January 30, 2019


I really should call this Greyson’s 2-year update. Who counts months at this age anyway! The last update I did on Greyson was 18- months so quite a few things have changed since then.

Grey’s schedule has gotten so much easier and I think I am way more lax with Grey than Sutton. Some days he doesn’t want to nap so we just skip the nap and go to bed early! Here is a typical day:


Breakfast – Banana Pancakes, Smoothie, fresh fruit or scrambled eggs

PLAYTIME // 9-11:30AM

On the days Grey is home, my husband will take Grey to the park, or a kid gym and even Scheels. They run the errands in the morning and keep busy.

11:30 LUNCH

Chix nugget, veggies, cauliflower tater tots, cheese sticks, turkey meatballs, ravioli, – Love all those.

Gets fruit when he is done.

Drinks Almond Milk

12PM – NAPTIME (2-3 Hours)


Sutton gets home from school – they play really well together (most of the time)

5:30PM DINNER – same as lunch options or whatever we are eating. He isn’t picky.

6:30PM Bath time – every other night they get baths.

7PM BEDTIME – we read a book and put Greyson down awake. He eventually falls asleep, some days if he is really tired he may cry a few minutes before falling asleep.



He does STTN and has been since 6 months – maybe wakes occasionally if he can’t find his pacifier and then goes right back down once he finds it or we go give him it.

A couple things:

He is not picky and will try almost anything. His favorite is guacamole – takes after mama.

When Greyson turned one -we transitioned to sippy cups and got rid of all bottles. I love this sippy cup for transitioning since the nipple is really soft and like a bottle.

Also, when Grey turned one we only let him use his pacifier at naptime and bedtime. The same thing goes with his blankie!

Getting rid of the bottle and pacifier at one is way easier to do than when they are older.

He says about 7-10 words: mommy, daddy, daisy, thank you, water, and a few others. Sutton at his age was saying complete sentences. Boys are so different!

He loves exploring and seeing new sites! The zoo, aquarium, parks, trampoline parks, children’s museum, he loves it all!

He is the BEST cuddler and will give me hugs and cuddles anytime of the day- I LOVE it so much! A total boy thing too!




Diaper bag //  I still use a diaper bag. I like to have a full stock of diapers and wipes on hand. Along with Wet ones for all the germs. I keep snacks, a change of clothes, and phone charger in the bag.

Drink Box // I had soo many questions on this kid’s reusable juice box. We love these! They are great for smoothies! Washing is easy and they don’t leak!

Divided Plate // Great for at home or on the go. I love using these at restaurants when I know there aren’t a lot of options the kids would like or I just want to bring the kid’s own food. The lids seal the sections so they don’t spill or leak.

Honest Products // I use everything from hand sanitizer spray, bum spray, diapers, body and hair wash and lotion. It is really nice to be able to trust a baby line and get all so many different items for kid’s.


Basketball Hoop & Slide // Grey play with this all the time! He loves bball!

Kid’s Trampoline // Grey loves this and it burns so much energy! It’s not too big.

Bounce House // We have this one in our basement and the kids LOVE it. They use it multiple times a day and it’s fun for the parents to use!

Sing and Dance Robot // Both kids love this

Waterfall Discovery Wall // Great for summertime!

Water table // Another good one for summer. The kids are always playing with their water table!

 Magnetic building blocks // Another favorite of both Sutton and Grey!

Becky xx


Grey’s Outfit Details // Grey’s Pom Hat // Grey’s Boots // Onesie similar here

My jacket & here // Boots // Bag // Jeans TTS

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  1. The transition sippy cup isn’t linked ? also think the talking is a second child thing. My 14 month old girl only says three words but my older son spoke a handful of words at this point. But why talk when older brother does it for you?? ☺️