Self-Gifting for the Holidays and Where to Find Designer Items for Less

December 21, 2018


If you’re like me, you’re doing some last-minute shopping right now when shipping is still guaranteed by Christmas. You’ve probably checked the kids, your parents, coworkers and friends off the list, but what about yourself? I like to have a little “treat myself” moment during the holidays and that usually means heading to the designer section on eBay!

Have you ever shopped on eBay for designer items? It’s a great place to check before considering paying full price for something.  

If you’re a new eBay shopper and aren’t sure how to source the best items, here are a few tips to help you get started!



The filters are key to this whole process. You can set your price range, the brand you’re looking for and if you prefer new or gently used. Using the filters saves you time and gets you straight to the products you’re looking for.

Use eBay’s Authenticate Program

If you’re shopping for luxury items, you definitely want to utilize eBay’s authenticate program. This means anything you buy will be expert-verified and guaranteed by eBay. This also helps eliminate any questions you might have about your designer find being “real”. You can search by designers, for example Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Celine and Chanel.  I have my eye on this LV Duffle bag for when we travel and do weekend trips!

Do a little research

It can be hard not to jump on the first purse or pair of sneakers that pops up in the search results. I recommend vetting the sellers – see where they’re located, what their rating is and don’t hesitate to ask them any questions about their products. If you sense anything suspicious, move on.

And that’s it! So easy, right? If you’ve bought something for everyone but yourself this holiday season, it’s time to gift yourself something special from eBay!

Becky xx



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