3 Tips for a Chic Business Wardrobe

I love this time of year because it always feels like a fresh start. Even though I’m well past my back-to-school days, it almost feels like a new year. And even though school is behind me, it’s fun to think of back-to-work shopping the same way. If you’re looking to freshen up your work wardrobe for the fall, here are 3 tips for building a chic business wardrobe.

Find a color palate

You probably know by now that I love neutrals and going monochrome. Unless you’re re-doing your entire wardrobe, start focusing on a few items in the same color scheme. This way, you can easily mix and match, and the shades will always work well together.

I picked up this entire outfit from Dynamite clothing, and as you can tell, I didn’t stray from my love for neutral. Dynamite has such beautiful pieces for work, but they also transfer well into weekend wear. I especially like their pretty camis, chic trousers, and dusters, all which I’m wearing here. The prices are incredible so it makes back-to-work shopping fit within the budget. Don’t miss all their neutrals for building a color palate.

Think outside the box

I know a lot of women who automatically turn to dresses for work wear. Which is great, but in my opinion, a pantsuit or trousers with a cami tucked in is even chicer. It’s a confident look and can even be a lot more comfortable – which adds to the confidence. Use the pants and cami as a base and then mix up the cardigans, jackets, dusters, etc.

Be able to fix problems

Even with the best outfit, things like wrinkles or fuzz can ruin it. I keep a steamer in our closet and pull it out when wearing certain fabrics and before getting ready for the day. I also keep a few lint rollers throughout the house and in my car. It’s amazing what a little extra care can do for your look. You could even keep travel size options of a steamer, lint roller and stain remover in your office if you have one.

Let me know if you guys like this post and I can add even more ideas to a future one! But for now, I hope these 3 tips help.

Becky xx

Outfit Details

Satin Cami (under $20)  // Pants (similar here) // Lightweight Trench //

A big thanks to Dynamite Clothing for sponsoring this post! 

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  1. Pllllleaseeee post more stuff like this! I love all the casual wear that everyone posts, but us 9-5 girls need some inspo every once in awhile. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. That’s good to hear! Will try to mix in more business looks. Thanks for following! xx

  2. Great tips and love the outfit! Also, thanks for introducing me to a new website with affordable clothing for both work and play!

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