How to Make Your Coffee Habit Healthier

July 16, 2018

It’s probably no surprise that coffee is one of my favorite drinks. I’ve always loved the flavor, and as a mom of two, it’s basically a life-saver most days. Luckily, coffee has a lot of benefits, but only when you’re intentional about how you’re drinking it. If you’re a coffee fiend like me, here are 4 ways to make the habit healthier.

Add in healthy supplements

You can get amazing benefits from certain supplements, even in coffee. Whether that’s getting antioxidants by adding a dash of cinnamon, or extra protein and a boost for hair/nail/skin with collagen, I like to add something extra into my morning cup. It’s all about picking supplements and flavors that you like, though, instead of forcing what you don’t. This way you’ll still enjoy your coffee!

Bring in decaf

We’ve all had too much caffeine before, right? It can make me jittery, anxious, and I’ll feel really bad if I have too much. Plus, it’s hard on your heart. I find that sometimes when Sutton wants a treat from the coffee shop or I think I want another cup, it’s actually just habit. I’m not necessarily in need of more caffeine. If you like the flavor or have a habit like me, try to go decaf in the afternoons or after your second cup.

Skip the sugar

This one is hard but it’s really important if you’re trying to be healthy. Even if you can go from two pumps of syrup to one, that’s a good start. Or one less sugar packet. Ideally, you’d get to a place where most of your coffee has zero added sugar, but start where you can. After all, certain coffee drinks can end up having more sugar and calories than dessert!


Have it with water

Coffee (and caffeine in general) is very dehydrating. Before having your first cup, drink as much water as possible to get your digestion in order and to hydrate. Then, as you drink coffee throughout the day, try to match each cup with a couple cups of water. Or better yet, have your coffee with a hydrating snack like cucumber or watermelon.

Hope this little health lesson was helpful! Let me know if you’d want to see more posts like this.

Becky xx

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Photography by Rachel Rigler

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  1. This is great! I love all your posts, but these are great tips! Please keep these in the rotation and feel free to add more like this! Much love! ?

  2. Great post! While I’m not a coffee drinker, I can agree with all these tips. Some coffee drinks are straight up desserts. I think if would visibly see the amount of sugar and calories in coffee drinks I think that would make a huge difference.