Flower Nursery with the Kids and 10 Things

May 8, 2018

Hi friends! Sharing some snaps of our trip to the flower nursery this weekend and 12 things…

1 // We have made several trips to the flower tree nursery and I forget how persistent a 1 year old and their curiosity can be. All Greyson wanted to do was pick the flowers and eat dirt. We finally just embraced it and let Grey play in the dirt. Hence his dirty bum.

2 // Sutton wanted to hold Grey’s hand for the pic and Grey wanted nothing to do with it. It was so cute.

3 // We leave for our family trip to Nevis tomorrow and I am dreading the 4am wake-up call for the kids. The travel days are the worse!

4 // It’s been like 80 here so we have been playing outside so much! The kids LOVE their water table best kids toy ever!

5 // We are making banana pancakes like every morning! the kid’s favorites!

6 // I am always last minute when it comes to packing for trips. I ordered a suit last Saturday, thinking it would get here by Tuesday, but just found out it’s Wednesday, which we will already be gone. But here’s the kicker, I ordered another item from the same site and overnight shipped it, so it will be here in time. Where I could have had the first item here if I just would have ordered them together. ughhhhhhh

7 //  How cute are these heart sunglasses that Sutton is wearing! They aren’t kid size, but seem to stay on for her. I ordered myself another pair so we can match! Only $10!

8 // I just got an apple watch a couple weeks ago! I love the fitness tracker! What apps do you guys love most? I am still figuring it out!

9 // I always get lots of questions on Greyson’s amber necklace. It is actually the same one Sutton wore. If you were to ask me my opinion on if the necklace “works” my answer would have been yes with Sutton. Her new teeth never seemed to bother her. Greyson, on the other hand, is more sensitive and seems to be in more pain. So I have a mixed review! I know everyone has their opinion on them! I love the look of the necklace so I leave it on him. He has never noticed it.

9 // We are hosting a giveaway with Collective Child and giving away a mini box of kids clothes! See this Instagram post on how to enter!

Have a great day and as always thanks for reading!

Becky xx

Outfit Details:

Sutton’s Dress & Hat via Collective Child  // Platforms by Kaanas // Sunglasses

Greyson’s overalls via Collective Child // Donsje Amerstdam // Hat here // Amber Necklace


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