Family Beach Day

February 6, 2018

Our second day on our cruise we stopped at Cozumel, which was one of our favorite stops! We did a beach excursion and went to the most beautiful beach with the softest sand. It had all these fun activities – like parasailing, kayaking, paddle boats and splash pads for the kids. We spent most of our time on the beach. My sister, her husband, and kids were with us, which made is so much more special.


This suit from Everything But Water is so flattering. I love the ultra-high-waist fit bottoms. I was so excited to see that Everything But Water opened a store in Leawood, just 5 mins from my house. They have such an amazing selection of swimwear and resort wear.




One of my favorite straw hats, also from Everything But Water. I totally smashed it the last day of our cruise and was totally bummed. I am ordering another!



Harper (my sister’s 3rd) and Sutton – they are 4 months apart in age.  –BFFs

Sutton gathered so many seashells!! It was adorable. Sutton forgot that the ocean is salt water and would freak out when she got it in her mouth, which was like every other minute. She finally got used to it.

My little beach babe right here. I can’t wait to take them both back to the ocean.

Greyson took full advantage of the unlimited fruit.

This baby beach shade was really nice for Grey. We filled the middle area with water and it had fun playing in there.

His hair kills me.

Swimsuit Top & Bottoms // Ale by Alesandra Hat // Straw Beach Bag // Scarf // Necklace // Cover-up // Ankle Bracelet 

Grey’s Hat & Swim Bottoms

Sutton’s swimsuit by Eberjey & Harper’s swimsuit by Swimzip

I am soo glad we took this trip as a family. To be honest, I was really worried that traveling with two would be much harder but it was actually easier. I think #2 has made me more of an easy going mother. I have learned that there are some things that I can’t control, and once I let go of that, things seem to be so much more fun. For example, this day at the beach meant no time to nap Greyson is a bed. He just had to nap on the go. He napped on the way to the beach and then again in his stroller at the beach and he was completely fine! I stressed for no reason!

I knew his schedule was going to be off during the trip but he adjusted so well. More to come on traveling with two and what I packed for baby and toddler, so stay tuned!


Becky xx

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  1. I love the edits you did on these photos, are you using lightroom? Is there a pre-set that you use?