Oct 28

Leopard Coat & Sneakers

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Outfit details: Leopard Coat // Sneakers // White Blouse // Jeans

A leopard coat might seem like a big statement, and it is, but it’s also surprisingly versatile and the perfect addition to your holiday ensembles.

I think it was sometime last fall that I fell in love with the idea of a leopard coat but never took the plunge. It’s chic, makes a statement and can act as neutral. Either way, I’ve been on the hunt for anything leopard for fall and winter and I’ve successfully added a few things to my closet. I recently added leopard heels to my closet and a leopard midi dress. And even got Sutton a leopard outfit. Sort of obsessed. So when I came across this leopard print jacket at Lands’ End, I
knew it would be the perfect addition. It styles perfectly with a simple tee, jeans, and sneakers, as I wore here, and will look great draped over a holiday dress or ensemble.

Becky xx

S H O P  M Y  L O O K

Outfit details: Leopard Coat // Sneakers // White Blouse // Jeans

In collaboration with Lands’ End.


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  1. You make leopard look so wearable and fashionable. Ive been wanting to get one but Im scared to look tacky and cheap. :/

  2. Love the coat paired with the lighter denim and the simple white top! Is the white top new or old? I like it, too!

  3. I saw your IG post, came here, and then went to the lands end link. The coat doesn’t really look the same. Is the hood removable too? I don’t see it in any of your pics. Also does it still look ok without the waist belt? The one from Lands end has a belt with loops. Last question… is the print lighter like it shows in your pics or is it a bit darker like the lands end pic? What’s your personal opinion? Serious buyer here. Just wanted to ask some more detailed questions. Thanks for any extra info.

  4. AS IF that coat is from Lands End!? Omg. So impressed! It’s beaut! In the UK it’s known as being a brand for older women, but this is so cute.