7 New-Mom Must-Haves

May 3, 2017

Being a first time mom was so overwhelming. I had no idea how to prepare, and I registered for everything under the sun because I didn’t know anything different. Every parent has their preference for baby items and ways of doing things, so I had numerous friends tell me I needed a variety of things. Thankfully the second time around, I was much less overwhelmed and knew exactly what I needed to make it through those first few crazy months of newborn-life.







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1. Baby Carrier

Seriously, necessary for your sanity. It doesn’t matter which one you get, although I’m partial to the Solly WrapErgo, and WildBird depending on baby’s stage (you don’t need all three, I just like each of them for different things. One is sufficient!). Wearing your baby will allow you to be  hands free, and while that might not seem important right now…trust me. It is. Especially if you have a toddler to chase around or a never ending to-do list, which I know all us mom’s have. I even will do lunges and geta workout in when wearing Grey. Think lunges and and squats, with that extra weight! A great workout!

2. NoseFrieda

When I first saw this, I thought it was disgusting. But after I realized that I will not be sucking my child’s snot into my mouth, I realized it’s a pretty genius invention. Those bulb syringes they give you at the hospital nevver worked for me. Plus, how are they cleaned? I was always worried they would get moldy. The NoseFrieda is clear and easily dismantled for cleaning, and you control the suction. It’s way easier to use than the bulb syringe, too. This has been so helpful clearing Greyson’s snot and boogers. I use this almost daily.

3.PUJ Baby bathtub

Greyson loves taking a warm bath … it puts him in an instant trance. And the Puj tub is perfect for his tiny self in the bathroom sink. It’s soft and foamy and drains itself when the water gets too high. If you turn the heat up and make the bathroom extra warm, they love it even more—like a baby spa! I like to keep it extra warm also for when I take him out, he HATES being cold and will throw a fit once he gets cold.

4. Endless White Noise/Sound Machine

Babies are used to a constant whooshing sound from when they were inside your body… it’s like listening to a symphony of organ functions. The quiet of the outside world is a little disconcerting to them.

From The Happiest Baby on the Block: “Wave upon wave of blood surging through the arteries of your womb makes this harsh, whooshing sound, which is as loud and rough as a gale wind blowing through the trees…

Imagine your baby’s shock at birth when she emerges from that rich uterine world of loud quadraphonic whooshing into the quiet world of whispering and tiptoeing that parents create for their newborns. Sure, we may enjoy resting in a still room, but for your baby the silence can be deafening.”

I use this sound machine for Sutton’s room, Greyson’s room and our own. Hands down, best white noise machine.

5. Sleep sack Swaddle

Again mimicking the womb, a swaddle also controls the startle reflex which babies have for a few months after birth. That reflex could potentially wake them up sooner that necessary! We use this one for the Snoo bassinet but also love this one for when they’re really little, and this one for when they’re older and transitioning out of the swaddle. I always recommend these two products to my new mom friends.

These last ones are for you breastfeeding mamas.

6. Nipple cream!

I lived on this for the first 3 months with Sutton. Your nipples will most likely be sore for a bit, and this lanolin nipple cream really helps.

7. A good nursing bra.

I am pretty picky about my nursing bras. I need one that is comfortable and seamless. I love this one by Boob, i used it for Sutton as well as now. I also just got this one and love how soft it is.

What are your new mom must-haves?


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  1. Is the Puj Flyte bathtub easy to use in a large kitchen sink? The website description says not to use it in a large sink, but it looks like you were able to. Is the tub stable enough? Thanks!

  2. I’m definitely with you on all these!! Love my Solly wrap and I don’t know how I’d ever get Baby’s a girl to sleep without my swaddlers and my white noise app on my iPad. I got the Halo bassinet that swivels and it’s been great. Also, love my Diaper Genie. The Boppy pillow is a must have. Nursing is challenging and I spend a lot of time using that.

      • A lactation consultant told me a great tip for sore nipples…squeeze a few drops of breast milk out and rub it on your nipples. It works! Plus it’s free 🙂

        • I heard that too! I also let any of my breastmilk absorb in after a feeding. I also love the Lanolin bc it gives a cool soothing feel, especially right in the beginning when they are super sore! Thanks for reading! xx