How To Style & Stock A Bar Cart

April 21, 2017

Michael and I love to entertain and with the weather getting warming and the days becoming longer, I thought it was time to restock and freshen up our bar cart for some much need get-togethers with friends and family. So today I wanted to share a few tips and tricks when stocking your home bar cart.

Invest in basic equipment (sharing a bunch of favorite bar carts below), stock up on essential liquors, add in mixers, bar & glass wear, a few decor accents and you can have a spread that not only is functional but works as a lovely piece of decor in your home.

Think of adding different textures, colors, materials. I added (faux) lemons and limes for “fresh” component and a pop of color. I switch out to fresh lemons and limes when we are hosting. This (faux) floral arrangement adds a bunch of different textures with just one piece and you can’t even tell they aren’t real!

For glassware you can always change it out, depending on what type of party or drinks you will be serving. Think champagne glasses for a brunch, or celebrations. Cooper mugs are a staple in this house as we love Moscow mules when entertaining. One of my favorite places to find new glassware is Create & Barrel and Pottery Barn. I love these personalized gilded cocktail glasses (they make for great gifts too!).

Don’t be afraid to mix materials. I have wood, cooper, gold, glass, and silver pieces in my bar cart!

I love the antique brass detail on this bar cart. It’s on smooth rolling casters, so I can move easily from room to room and has a break if needed.

Photography by Morgan Foitle

A few other other things to keep in mind…


Replenish your home bar with just the basics. Make sure your cart, cabinet or bar is away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place for optimal storage.

Bases: You can whip up almost any cocktail using these common bases:

Gin \  White rum \ Vodka \ Bourbon \ Tequila \ Brandy \Whiskey


Similar to above, you can make most cocktails using these mixers. Add your own personal favorites, especially if there’s a drink/spirit you keep coming back to.

Dry vermouth \ Sweet vermouth or Lillet \ Cointreau or triple sec \ Bitters (angostura, orange, etc.)


Not every cocktail calls for these, but you’ll be thankful you have ’em on hand.

• Soda water and/or seltzer water (tiny bottles are best — open as needed and you won’t waste a big jug that will go flat before it’s finished)

• Fresh lemon and limes for juicing/garnish

• Cocktail cherries, olives and/or onions

• Simple syrup

See some of my favorite drink recipes here!

Other Bar essentials

Shaking Tins \ Stirring spoon  \ Julep cups  \ Jiggers  \ Wine Key (a must!) \ A good knife  \ A hand juicer \ Strainer

Good luck!


S H O P  M Y  B A R  C A R T

Bar Cart c/o // Steam-less Champagne Glasses // Faux Floral Arrangement c/o // Copper Mugs // Pineapple // Hammered Gold Bowl // Wooden Bowl // Faux Lemons & Limes // Straws // Pictures Restoration Hardware

S H O P  M Y  F A V O R I T E  B A R  C A R T S

A D D  –  I N S

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  1. Hello! Saw this post on your IG this week and wanted to read more about it. I love bar carts for decor purposes, but I don’t typically keep liquor on hand. Neither me or my husband drinks except for the occasional glass of wine. Any thoughts on how to incorporate one into my home without all the liquor? Orrrr would that just look silly? ??