Moring Routines

April 24, 2017

As Sutton gets a little older, I notice more and more how much she copies what I do. From trying on my high heels to pretending to put on makeup, it really couldn’t be cuter! But it also makes me realize how much she is learning from me and picking up on little habits I have. I of course want these to be good habits and we are working to help her do some of these on her own…such as washing her hands and brushing her teeth. We recently noticed she started gargling water after brushing her teeth!! It was the funniest moment. She often watches me use my mouthwash, so I am sure this is where she picked this up.






I just started using  Colgate Total Advanced Health Mouthwash. I love how fresh it makes my mouth feel and of course glad it does things like kill germs. The craziest thing with this mouthwash, is it lets you “Shake, Clean, See” – as in you can see the bacteria you spit out. So gross and cool! I am happy that Sutton sees these healthy habits – and not my bad ones 😉

Join Colgate Total® Advanced Health and share how you shake up your routine with #ShakeCleanSee. Shaking up your routine can be trying a new workout or trying a new hairstyle or using the Colgate Total® Advanced Health regimen to help improve your overall health.


In partnership with Colgate Total. 

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