December 5, 2016


Today’s holiday gift guide is for the all the great guys in your life! Which always seem to be so tough to shop for. With Michael he always seems to find something he wants way ahead of time and I end of getting him it and then he has nothing to open on Christmas, because he is already using it. This year it was a new watch! So I am going to get a couple smaller items and surprised him. A lot of the items on this list Michael already owns (thus I know the guys will love) or it is something he wants. Here are my favorite gift ideas for the beloved men in our lives…

A Nike classic sneaker is a classic no fail gift! Just make sure to get the right size! I always put in my notes on my phone Michael’s shoe size. He loves this style of sneaker to wear for casual outings and errands. So cute.

Personalized copper mugs. These make any bar cart and bar look legit. They are not only great for any cocktail but make your man’s bar set up look legit.

Michael has wanted a pair of these Bose headphones for the past couple years. They really make for a great gift and the only reason I hesitate getting him these is because he would leave these on a plane! ha

Michael LOVES collecting watches. He actually just got this one for Christmas. I love these Ted Baker ones too!

We just recently got a Bose speaker and love it for the fact we can take this any where in the house for (loud) tunes and even outdoors when entertain or going a run with Sutton, when we can’t wear ear buds.

Tie traveler case. Every guys needs this. I swear every wedding we go to Michael is trying to iron his tie last minute and find his cuff links!

I love the color of these North Face gloves, they go with all of Michael’s coats and the price is just right!

Personalized money clip. This is all Michael uses and right now they have free monogramming!

This golfer’s tool belt is awesome. Any golfer would love this set! Michael told me he would use every gadget including the flask! 😉

Personalized ties are another really cool and unique gift. I got these for my dad!

Bose Wireless Ear Buds. Michael got these last year and has used them almost every day since then!

The Art of Shaving makes a pretty cool shave set, that’s at least what Michael tells me. I need to get him or my dad one to see what all the buzz is about.

A classic plaid check scarf. Because let’s admit, we all love when our guys know how to accessorize and look so cute bundled in a beanie and scarves.

Slippers under $30 because Michael will destroy his slippers by the time summer rolls around. He wears them non-stop in the house and garage and no need to buy him an expensive pair.



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