Sutton’s New Room

May 28, 2016


Since we recently moved I had to re design the set-up of Sutton’s room. Not a whole lot changed, aside from adding some new (sugarboo design) pictures, a couple new stuffed animals and Munchkin’s STEP Diaper pail. I held off so long having a diaper pail in her room because I didn’t want it to look cluttered or out of place in her pretty nursery. Not only is this diaper pail sleek and modern, but it does its job and looks beautiful in her room.
I have no idea why I didn’t get this diaper pail sooner. The pail is super easy to use and the foot lever makes it convenient to dispose dirty diapers. The twist technology keeps the smell of dirty diapers contained in the paid, so even when you open it you can’t smell them! The Munchkin diaper pail is essential for any nursery and flows so well in any room. 
And for every pail purchased Muchkin is planing a tree. How cool is that? You can read more about he Seedling Project here. Pretty cool they do that! 
I hope you enjoyed touring Sutton’s new room. Check back next week and we are giving away a set of SugarBoo designs. 

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