Mother’s Day Gifts with Barrington

March 31, 2016

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of designing my very own personalized tote and duffel (Belmont) bag from Barrington. As a mom, totes are one of my favorite kinds of bags. They fit everything I need for myself and Sutton. We also take many trips to our parents, and family so a duffel is what I always use for our weekend getaways and it works perfect as a carry-on. 
Designing the bags was so fun and easy! Within a few clicks, I was all set up with my new bag designs and was so excited when my Belmont Bag and St. Anne totes arrived on my door step a few weeks later. 
Barring totes, travel bags and travel accessories make for a wonderful Mother’s Day present (for yourself or your mom!). The bags are high quality, classic and an essential every mother would want and use. I shared a couple other favorites from Barrington below. 
Becky xx
In collaboration with Barrington. 

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