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Hair Tutorial + Favorite Products to Maintain Healthy Hair

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The wait is finally over… today I am sharing with you an updated version of how I do my hair! Right down to the products and curling iron I use. My last tutorial shows how I curled my hair when it was longer and I have changed some things since then. Feel free to comment or send me snaps with any questions. 
Let’s start off with the products I use… Let me stress how important it is to use quality products on your hair. I have been a fan of Moroccanoil products for years. My hair gets exposed to so many damaging factors (heat, coloring, blow drying, etc) and Morocanoil helps me maintain healthy, shiny hair. The main ingredient in all their products is argan oil, which leaves your hair shiny, healthy and nourished. Who doesn’t want healthy, shiny hair? Below are products I use on a daily basis.
1. Moroccanoil Treatment – I have been using Moroccanoil treatment for around 6 years now. I apply a dime size to my hair after showering. It keeps my hair shiny, healthy and it helps detangle which means less damage. 
2. Restorative Hair Mask – I use a Moroccanoil deep conditioning (hair mask) once a week. It is something I have done ever since I started coloring my hair. My hair is also exposed to heat damage from curling and blow drying. My hair always feels so smooth after I do this. I apply my hair mask when I am showering and make sure to leave it on for 5-7 minutes. 
3. Pure Argan Oil– if I feel my hair is in need of a stronger daily treatment, I use the Moroccanoil Pure Argan Oil. Just a few drops is all you need. I also use on my hands and body if feeling extra dry. 
4. Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium-I hate using hairspray that is too strong and makes your hair crispy or doesn’t let your curls be loose and wavy. I LOVE Moroccanoil’s medium hairspray. The perfect amount of hold. 
5. Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo-another product I love. I use this on my second day curls. It absorbs oil and leaves my hair instantly clean and refreshed. It’s UV protecting and they make a dark or light tone depending on your color. So use this to extend your curls a couple days! 
6. Babyliss Pro 1 1/4in Curling Iron-my amazing hairstylist recommended this curling iron after we took off 5 inches of my hair. I love the wand curling iron but the clamp barrel makes it much easier. This one is great quality and so affordable. 
Curl Technique-There are two main things I do with my curls… First I use two different curl techniques, alternating with every other curl and second I always leave an inch to an inch and a half of hair out of the curling iron. These two things are very important! 
The first curl technique I use is the standard curling barrel clamp curl.
 First take a 1-inch section of hair, start at the base (the top) clamp the curling iron down and start to curl away from the face. Continue to spin the iron with your clamped hair around until you have about an inch section left uncurled.  Hold until hair is hot-about 5-10 seconds. Then release hair and let it set. I also use this technique for the first strands that frame my face and also on my hair in the back and underneath that is shorter. 
See below for pictures and comments for step by step.

 Curling away from face.

 continue to use clamp and curl section. 

 leave 1-inch out
 hold until hair is hot (5-10 seconds)
The next 1-inch hair section I do a wrap curl, where you wrap the curl yourself (not using clamp) around the barrel of the curling iron. Start at the base (the top) and wrap the section around the curling iron until 1 inch is left out.  
 take section and start to wrap around curling iron
 Continue to wrap around barrel.

 Leave 1-inch section out
 Once hair is wrapped close the barrel clamp around the hair for 5-10 seconds.
 Release the curl and let it set. 

Continue to alternate the curl techniques. 
Shorter bottom pieces are too short to wrap curl so I just do the clamp curl. 
 Curling shorter bottom sections. 
Just to make sure you got that here are a couple more step-by-step photos;)
Clamp curl using the barrel clamp to hold and curl hair. 

***Then alternate with wrap curl-take section and wrap the hair around the barrel.
 Taking the hair and wrapping around barrel. 

Once you are finished and curls have left to set for 5 minutes run your hands through your curls. This is so important! It won’t take your curls out, it gives them a more lived in, loose tousled wave look. 
 Finish with hairspray. Use a medium hairspray-I use Moroccanoil Medium hold.  

 Finished look. 

All products to achieve my hair look here

Follow me on snapchat and I will do a quick live tutorial Friday and again over the weekend. Username-beccajohh
If I still haven’t covered something you are looking for, feel free to comment or send me a snapchat. 
Becky xx

A big thanks to Moroccanoil for sponsoring this post! 

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  1. I have been searching for a new curling iron and love your look – let’s hope I can do it like yours! purchasing now 🙂

  2. How did you alternate the sections exactly? It's hard to tell from the pictures. It looks like your entire hair was curled with one method (even though I know it wasn't). Thanks!