Baby Gear Favorites with Nordstrom

January 13, 2016

Today I have teamed up with Nordstrom to share some of my favorite baby gear that I love and highly recommend. I never realized how much baby gear Nordstrom actually carried until I got pregnant. They have such a great selection of great baby brands, and I love the fact they have free shipping and returns.

 Seat swivels to face front, back or side. One of my favorite features! 


 I love the fact the Ergo baby carrier can be used 0-24 months.



 One of our favorite travel strollers is the Uppa Baby. It’s lightweight and reclines, which is awesome for when Sutton needs to nap. 




The Oribit Stroller, Uppa Baby Stroller and Thule jogger stroller are by my favorites. They get used almost every single day and are worth the money in my opinion. We love each stroller for different reasons.
The Thule jogger stroller kept me sane this past summer. It was so nice to get outside, enjoy the weather and get a workout in all while Sutton was alongside me enjoying it. If you’re an active mom, you need this stroller! I did a full review on the Thule jogger here.
The Uppa Baby Reclining Umbrella Stroller is amazing for traveling. We took this to Disney world this past December and it was so perfect. It is lightweight, which is so nice. I also appreciated that fact it reclined for naps. Sutton napped everyday in this stroller. It’s a smooth ride and easy to fold up. We used the travel bag, which protects when traveling and even guarantees it.
The Orbit stroller has so many great features. My favorite is rotating base that allows you to turn her seat in any direction, which she loves! It’s is nice that we can take Sutton to a restaurant and keep her in the stroller and turn the seat in any direction and use as a highchair. I also love the fact you can remove the inside liner and wash. I can’t wait to use the sidekick skateboard that you can add onto the base for Sutton to use when we have another baby using the stroller seat. My sister is also a huge fan and has used the Orbit system for all three of her kids. 
Some other baby items we love.
Ergo baby carrier. Babies loved being carried, it soothes them. Sutton is almost 19 months and still lovers being in her carrier. I always pack our carrier every time we go somewhere because we all know how squirmy toddlers can get and she sometimes wants out of her stroller, so this is a nice option to have. I also use this at homes sometimes when she wants to be held and I need to get stuff done around the house.
4moms Bath Sprout Cover -This is my husband’s favorite, since he’s the one giving Sutton her bath most nights. The Sprout Cover reads the water temperature for you as soon as the water starts running and tells you what if you need to adjust the temp.  It lights up and is color coded, blue when it’s too cold… green when it’s perfect… red (and beeps!) when it’s too hot and automatically shuts off when you’re done. It fits our faucet great and stays put to protect Sutton from bumping her head. We use this every single day and it saves us so much time and hassle! 
Bebe au Lait Nursing Pillow –  I tried several different nursing pillows and this one was my favorite. The height on this is so much better than the others I tried. It also has a softer side and a firmer side depending on your preference. The belt is nice for the pillow to stay in place, especially if you get up to grab a burp cloth or readjust. 

Canvas Diaper Tote by Petunia Pickle Bottom-I love this tote because it’s spacious and has a bunch of pockets to keep things organized and within an arms reach. 
Buzz B Nail Trimmer-This was a lift saver when Sutton was first born. She kept scratching herself, but it was hard to trim her nails with an actual baby nail trimmer, so we got this nail file, which files her nails down while harming her surrounding skin. 
4moms Mamaroo Swing– When Sutton was a baby she LOVED this swing. It was another one of our favorite purchases. This swing moves just like you do. It sways from side to side, just like you do when your comforting your baby. Sutton would take naps in here and was always so content in her mamaroo. 

All these products are products I really use and love. I am no expert my any means, just a mom who wants products that work well and make life a bit easier as a mom. I am always looking for suggestions, so please share your favorites! 
Becky xx
A big thanks for Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! 

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