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June 5, 2015

I have always been one that enjoys working out. Since having a baby, I have found that my reason for wanting to exercise has changed…I still love the feeling I get afterwards and now I need to focus on getting back in shape after baby. My ability to work out has changed quite a bit since having Sutton. Gone are the days of going for a quick run by myself or hitting up the gym quick in the morning. I stay home with Sutton and Michael travels, so not only I want to maximize our family time together, I also do not have a lot of extra time on my hands (what mom does?!). I now need to be able to have the flexibility of bringing Sutton along with my when I work out. 
Que…the Thule Urban Glide jogger. This have been a game changer for my workouts. Fitting in my runs and walks have been much easier since I am able to have baby girl alongside me! I am not the only one that has starting running/walking more…Michael is too! The days we get to go on a family jog together are my favorite. Healthy, happy family. 
When we began looking for a stroller to use for runs and walks, we knew we wanted a jogger and that was the extent of what we knew. After starting to research the different jogger stroller out there, we found that the Thule Urban Glide had many features that would be key to ease and comfort 
For starters, Sutton loves the Thule jogger. The seat is soft and padded and reclines to near flat for naps. She can see out the sides of the stroller easily and this keeps her nice and busy looking around during our walks. I attached a toy on one side and her pacifier on the other. There are nice mesh pockets on each side of her seat for storage for things like sip cups and snacks. 
View in roof to see baby girl while jogging. 
Rear suspension for smooth comfortable ride. This rides better than my car! 
Large storage compartment that closes and water resistant. 

Easy access zipper pouch, where I keep extra toys and pacifier.  
Easy to use break system. 
Safety strap for your arm when jogging. 

Multi-position sun shade. This is huge. My previous stroller did not have a shade that extended down far enough and Sutton would often get upset when the sun was in her face. The great thing about this shade is she can still see out while blocking the sun!

Wheel lock for jogging.  

Outfit details: Zella Jacket on sale here! // Leggings here // 
I cannot rave enough about the Thule Urban Glide. It’s lightweight, folds easily, great as a regular stroller, hiking, zoo visits, etc. I love the the sleek simple design, that is really practical and functional. I use this every single day. If you are looking for a jogger, I highly recommend the Thule. 
A couple tips to remember when jogging with baby:
-Pack a water for you and for baby. 
-Pack extra toys/snacks and items to distract baby. You don’t want to be 2 miles from home with a crying baby. 
-Bring layers for baby. You can always take off layers if you think baby is getting warm. Sutton is always warm in her car seat and stroller so I always check her to see how she feels.
-Play music on your phone speaker, don’t wear headphones so you can not only hear your baby, but also traffic, bikers, and other joggers. 
-Pack sunscreen for you and baby (if they are over 1). I always spray sunscreen on my hands, arms and of course neck and face. 
Mommy fitness tips:
COMMIT-treat working out like you would an important appointment… it is! Commit to yourself and your goals.  But also remember, take it easy on your body and yourself and take it day by day. If some days you only have time for a 15 minute walk, that’s still great.

LOOK GOOD, FEEL GREAT-Consider stepping off the scale. Rapid weight loss is neither healthy not sustainable. Check out other signs of your progress, like how well your skinny jeans fit and how great you fit!! 
TONE UP-Dont be afraid to lift weights. Gorgeous tone means strong muscles. I do a Tone it Up video 2-3 times a week toning arms and abs. 

H20-Drink water. We never drink enough. I drink 18oz in the morning before I even eat breakfast. 

THINK GREEN-Include a green veggie in every meal. Add spinach to your smoothie or scrambled eggs–there’s breakfast. Try my slimming green detox smoothie here

HAVE FUN-Enjoy the journey. I love my workout with Sutton, because I know she loves it and my body and mind love it too! 
Any fitness questions or questions on the Thule Urban glide feel free to email me! 
Additional accessories for Urban glide: 

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