Linen Track Pants

June 8, 2015

Hello! Hope you all had a great weekend! We had a pretty chill weekend. Michael worked all Saturday, and I did some home organization. I swear, it’s never ending trying to keep a house clean and organized. I am selling a couple items from my closet this week, make sure to check them out on instagram @shopcellajane. I also somehow managed to watch the Jurassic Park Movie (the original) twice. I LOVE that movie. As kids, we had it on VHS and I have probably seen it over 25 times. I can’t wait for the new one to come out. I’m weird, I know. Sunday it was so hot we took a trip to our neighborhood pool for the first time. Suton loved it, we got her this fun floaty, where she just chilled and loved watching all the other kiddos running around. I think the pool wore her out because she took an extra long nap in the afternoon (always a plus). I told Michael, this may have to be in Sutton’s daily routine this summer. 
Onto my outfit. This look is super comfy and casual. I have been wearing these linen pants non-stop since I purchased at Nordstrom. I have always been on a fan of linen pants in the summer, and love the fact that they are the track pant style and only $58! They come in two other colors and I am really tempted to get them in the in the beige. Another super comfortable item I just added to my closet is this flowy v-neck tee. It is the soft tee I have owned and perfect for summer. It comes in 5 different colors here
Sizing details:
Top wearing size small-normally size small
Pants-wearing size xsmall normally a small (size down or refer to their sizing)

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  1. Linen pants are so key for spring/summer! I really like the track style of these. White on white is so fresh for this time of year! Oh, I know—Jurassic Park was on like every channel this weekend! Haha. Such a great throwback.