Capturing Moments with HP Sprout

October 2, 2015

This post is in collaboration with HP.
I think we all can agree our kids seem to grow up in a blink of an eye. I cannot believe Sutton is already 14 months. She is walking, running, laughing, playing peek-a-boo and with her baby doll…I want to freeze time and just keep her at this age. There are so many memories I want to cherish, hold on to and never forget. When I go to write in her memory book, I catch myself forgetting what her milestones and favorite things were just a month ago. Call it mom brain or just overload on how much they change and do from month to month. Can I tell you how many times, I have found myself packing away certain items of Sutton and saying how I need to create a shadow box or do something with them?! 
When HP asked me to try out their Sprout 3D Capture I excitedly said, yes please! I knew exactly what I would be using the HP 3D Capture for…all of Sutton’s physical items that I wanted to document forever. When we first tried out the 3D capture stage, we scanned Sutton’s crown she wore for her first birthday party. It was crazy to me, I could just scan an object and have a digital 3D replica of her things. Like seriously, 3D. I kinda of went ‘scan crazy’ from there. I scanned a bunch of cute items from her first birthday party, next it was scans of all her polaroids I took of her each week in her first year. These were pictures I didn’t have a digital file of but wanted them in digital form, since it was a picture of her every week, in the same spot, with the same toy for the first year of her life. 
I have yet to use every feature on our Sprout, but each day I am discovering new ways to use it and document our memories as a family. Stay tuned to see more of my creations.
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