Jun 12

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 Embroidered Tee // Shorts // Straw Hat
When it comes to online shopping, it can be overwhelming at times. I loves tons of brands but as a full time mom with a time full blog and work, actually having the time to scout my favorite brands’ sites is non existent. Thanks to a lovely website called Lyst, my online shopping is made much easier. 
Using your favorite brands and shops, Lyst creates your own shopping page where you can browse designers, and affordable pieces. With categories to search different products, Lyst has made it easy to shop for the brands you love without scanning through tons of stuff you don’t! 
They have even created their own wish lists where you can start your own profile, add pieces to your wish lists and build your outfits. 
I love J.Crews new summer arrivals and Lyst notified me of a big sale and I was able to get me entire outfit on sale! 
So why not try Lyst! It will save you time and it’s super easy to use! 
Thanks to Lyst for sponsoring this post!



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