December 18, 2014

With all the events, holiday parties and happy hours, this time of year, it can be extra challenging to stay on track with our healthy goals. It is OK to indulge a little without going overboard. It all comes down to a healthy balance and moderation. So today I am sharing tips for staying on track this holiday season.
#1 Continue to maintain your healthy habits.
-Drink lots of water daily (read benefits here)
-Don’t let one bad night of eating spiral you out of control. It’s OK, we all have them. Start fresh the next day and use that as motivation to stay healthy.
-Add a salad to every meal. Get in your greens in and fill up  on the healthy veggies. *DON’T dowse your salad in dressing. Use a vinaigrette or yogurt based dressing and go light! 
Get in a yummy green smoothie, see my Victoria Secret Green Smoothie —> here

-Stay active and continue your workout routines. Don’t blow them off just because its the holidays. Go out for a brisk walk, or do some yoga moves in the morning, anything to make you feel great and motivate you to stay healthy throughout the day.

#2 Holiday Party Tips
-Aim for lighter cocktails-think wine, clear liquors (vodka with soda and lime)
-Swap a cocktail or two for a sparkling mineral water with a slice of lime.
-Veggies, hummus, chicken skewers, shrimp cocktail, nuts, pretzels, fresh fruit, dark chocolate are all good choices.
-Pre-eat something healthy and satisfying before you show up so you don’t overindulge. Or try drinking 2 tall glasses of water to fill you before show up.
#3 Enjoy your holiday foods in moderation or better yet try making a healthier version!
-Taking a dish or side to a party? Choose to take one on the lighter side. My all time favorite, is guacamole. Super easy and everyone loves it! 

Hope these are helpful! What tricks or tips do you do to stay on track? 

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