Cella Jane Spotlight

August 16, 2013

Hi Guys! Today I am excited to be bringing you of my first of many blog post series called “Cella Jane  Spotlight.” For this series, I plan on interviewing motivational, fashionable and inspiring people in my life. To kickstart the series, I interviewed my good friend Terry Shanahan. Terry, is what I call a huge health nut. Anytime I have questions regarding a healthy diet, or workout I go to him. Remember his great “Baby Got Back” workout here!? Read our interview below.

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Introduce yourself: 
My name is Terry Shanahan and I have always been extremely passionate about wellness and human performance.  I personally overcame some serious health issues by changing my diet to a Paleo Diet. (my video explanation: here) My personal experiences have ignited a passion for sharing my knowledge with other people who want to feel, look, and perform their best.  

I have worked with NBA, NFL, Cross Fit, and Olympic athletes around the country.  I am most passionate about helping individuals who are battling health issues and symptoms that are not recognized or properly treated by traditional medicine.

What motivates you: I was really sick at age 24 and I was basically told that the rest of my life was going to be horrible.  I never gave up searching for the truth, and I was able to completely change my life with nutrition.  I know that there are millions of people who are suffering or at least being hindered by needless symptoms that are directly correlated to their diet.  The majority of the information we receive in the media is inaccurate and leading people down the wrong path. Even the people who really want to do the right things to be well do not have access to accurate information. It is my mission to help as many people as I can, educate them, and share the information that changed my life. I want to make a huge difference!

My go to health recipe: My go recipe is a salad that I make almost every single day for lunch!

chicken pulled from a rotisserie chicken (chilled)
mixed greens
red peppers
sunflower seeds, pistachios, or walnuts
chunks of coconut oil
extra virgin olive oil

Other favorite meals: 

Can’t live without: Coconut oil is something that I cannot live without!
My favorite treat is coconut based ice cream or dairy free dark chocolate.

Favorite place to shop: It is probably Whole Foods due to convenience, but I am always looking for smaller more local options as well.  Larger chains are starting to carry more organic foods and properly raised animal proteins, but true long term sustainability really needs to be created by all of us spending our dollars to support local farmers.

Skinny Cocktail of choice: My favorite cocktail is any potato distilled vodka with soda water and a lime.

Daily Exercise: I am not as crazy as I once was and I am not currently training for anything.  I am all about strength training based circuits.  I am way better at listening to my body and only training hard on the days that I feel good and that I want to.  I do not force myself to do crazy workouts when I do not have the energy.
I generally workout five times per week and every workout starts with 5 to 15 minutes of mobility work and dynamic stretching.  In the summer, I love doing outdoor workouts with kettle bells and body weight exercises. If I am in the gym, I will start with a strength or power based movement such as a squat, dead lift, power clean, pull-ups, or shoulder press.  I will do two warm-up sets and 3-5 work sets.  These are performed with rest in between sets and with heavier weight.
I will then put together a circuit of 3-5 movements that I go through anywhere from 3-6 times depending on how I feel, what weight I am using, and what my focus is that day.  These circuits will be total body and use movements such as: dumbbell snatches, shoulder press, push-ups, dips, pull-ups, walking lunges, step-ups, box-jumps, medicine ball movements, kettle-bells, etc.  I will also occasionally add in rowing, jumping rope, or sprints.  I seldom do long and steady state cardio.

Quick Slim Trick: There are certainly supplements out there that can work for quick weight loss, but I do not recommend them.  Dehydration is the fastest way to look thinner by losing water weight.  However, it is not sustainable or healthy.  My best and most simple advice is to eliminate sugar.

Favorite Skin Care:  Your skin is your largest organ and can often be a reflection of how healthy you are on the inside. I have seen tremendous improvements in my skin by eliminating sugar, grains, and dairy and increasing good sources of fat like avocado and coconut.
Coconut Oil is magic for your skin.  You can just eat it in your diet or you can actually rub it directly onto your skin.  My favorite nutritional supplement for skin is called Protandim.  It is a super powerful anti-aging supplement that most of my clients use and you can purchase it on my website.

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  1. Super interesting! I totally agree that so many illnesses can be solved my eating right. Is he a Personal Trainer? Oh, and I so wish we would get a whole foods in Sioux Falls 🙂 Thanks for sharing!