DIY Polka Dots Shorts (J.Crew Inspired)

July 1, 2013

Back by popular demand…another short DIY. Have you tried out my last two short DIYs? Find them here and here. The latest one I am bringing to you is the ever so darling, polka dot shorts!  I was inspired by a pair of J.Crew polka shorts my sister has been wearing lately. They are so cute and it was her, who suggest I attempt the DIY, so thanks Brooke for this great DIY idea.
I found a darker colored wash of shorts, you can use really any shade. I think the darker the short the more the polka dots pop out. My sister’s were a lighter, chambray shade and those look good too. 
Take you fabric paint and place a large amount on a flat service, like a magazine or lid. Next take the eraser side and dip into the pant and dot onto the shorts. I suggest dabbing the dots at least 1/2 to an inch apart. Also, make sure not to alternate how the dots are lined up. 

Once the front side is complete, let dry for 4 hours, or for however long instructions on the fabric paint state. Once dry, finish the backside and let dry again for 4 hours.
And your done! It’s that easy! I folded mine up and paired it with chambray button up and a skinny belt. 
Will you be trying this DIY? Let me know! Share your photos with me on twitter @rebeccahillyard.

Thanks for stopping by!

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