DIY Vintage Levi Cut Off Shorts

April 24, 2013

Ready for another DIY?? I have gotten such a good response from my last two DIYs (find here and here) I decided to do another one. I have been wanting to try this one for quite some time…

I think the hardest part is finding a good pair of vintage Levi’s that you can make into some cut off shorts. I found these pair at my local Salvation Army for $5! I will say they were a little big for me but that actually ended up being a good thing. You don’t want your cut offs to be super tight, because if they are tight and short they may look more trashy than fashionable, in my opinion. The most important thing was that they fit my waist. So keep that in mind when searching for a pair.

Once you find a good pair the next steps are pretty simple. Grab yourself a pair of scissors and or steak knife. Please make sure to be careful!

Try on your jeans and mark where you want to cut. I made mine a bit longer than I wanted for two reasons: 1-You can’t undo a cut that is too short, but you can always cut them more if needed. 2-I like to fold my ends up.

Once you cut the first side, fold over and cut along the cut leg line.

It is not easy giving them the distressed look. This took me at least an hour to get these holes and fringes. Take your time, be careful and just keep scraping away. Do this to the back and front.

 After you are done distressing the shorts, throw them in the wash and dryer.

Have you seen all the cute ways you can wear these babies? I have a ton of looks on my pinterest. Are you following? Jump on here to get some ideas and make sure to follow:) 
Let me know if you try making these! Feel free to tweet me questions or pictures! https://twitter.com/rebeccahillyard

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