DIY Boyfriend Jeans

April 1, 2013

Since my last DIY project was such a hit, I did another one for you all! DIY Boyfriend jeans! These are my absolute favorite style of jeans! I think they are an essential in every one’s wardrobe. They can be paired so many ways! I have a pair of Joe’s Boyfriend jeans that purchased and wear so often, that I decided to make another pair.

What you will all need for this DIY is:
-a pair of jeans (you can pick older ones that you haven’t worn in awhile)
-sand paper

I found a pair of jeans that I haven’t worn in awhile. The pair I picked were a darker wash because my pair that I have already are a lighter wash. Any kind of wash or color will work!

 Pair of jeans I picked.

Start by marking with chalk or pen where to cut. Determine where to cut by putting on your jeans, I put my line at the middle of my calve. If is up to you what length you want, you can have them be a longer length if you want. There is no boyfriend jean rule on what the length should be. 
*Keep in mind if you want to cuff them, to make them a couple inches longer so you can cuff. 

 Daisy was my little helper;)

 Next, mark your knee spots. This is where you will cut holes for the knee sections.

 You can see my chalk lines for the cut off area and knee areas.

Next, cut off the bottoms and cut slits in the knees. 

 Sand paper and scissors to make the distressed look.

 Take the sand paper to the holes and any areas you want to wear down. I also use the scissors to wear certain areas.

Don’t forget to “wear down or distress” the back and front pockets.

 I added a small hole on the front and worn it down with the scissors.

Last throw them in the wash, this will give the fray look on all the areas you wore down. Here is how they looked when all is said and done. 

If it up to you how many holes or how worn you want your jeans to look. I may take this pair and tear em up even more. Here is how they looked on.

 LOVE them! You will have to let me know if you make yourself a pair! Please share your photos with me on twitter @rebeccahillyard.

Need some outfit ideas on how to wear them? I have some photos below on some of my favorite ways to pair boyfriend jeans. I also will be sharing some personal style pics and how I style them!


One of my favorite ways to wear em. Comfy, white blouse with your favorite flats and jewelry. So easy, and so chic!

My other favorite way is with a cream blazer, your favorite pumps and a statement necklace!


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    • Thanks Marsa! They are steve madden, I got them last season. I love them so much and have not been able to find another pair. If you find some, do share! xo

  3. I pinned this, what a great DIY. This works perfect because I have a pair of distressed jeans in my closet that have always been too long so I might just do this to bring new life to them. Thank you!
    Blog: CuteLA.com

  4. Becky – Thanks for doing this DIY. I actually have been contemplating DIY boyfriend jeans for awhile now so your post might be just the inspiration (and instructions) that I need. And thanks for reaching out on IFB. I love your blog and definitely following. Hope you will do the same!!!

    xo, Kenya


    Kenya L Fashion Blog

  5. I love this.. I'm more curvy so straight boyfriend jeans in the store rarely work for me unless they have a stretch. This opens up a whole new world of possibility!