Wavy Curls Tutorial

May 3, 2013

Start with dry hair (preferably air dried) Putting a hot iron on damp hair can damage it. 
Comb out any tangles while your iron heats up.

You can apply your favorite heat protectant or styling product. I like to use UNITE’s Beach Day or BOOSTA and apply it to my wet hair and let air dry. I highly suggest using some sort of “prep” product. It will protect your hair from the damaging heat.
Start by pinning up half your hair. Then work in sections when curling. I start with a smaller piece since I have longer hair. Take the section of hair with one hand and clamp down the curling iron with the other. (Position the hair at the bottom of the barrel, near the handle)
Curl in the direction away from your face. Start closer to the scalp and as you turn the curling iron pull slightly away from the head and the hair will wrap around the iron bring more hair in the iron.
Leave about two inches of your ends out. This will give you your curls a longer look. 
I suggest not keeping the iron on your hair longer than 5-7 seconds, you don’t want to burn your hair. 
Curl other side, again leaving ends out. 
Continue this same technique. 
Bottom section curled. Leave them set, don’t apply hairspray or mess with just yet. 
Let down top section of hair and start the same technique to curl. 
 Don’t forget to leave one to two inches out.

 Once you have curled all your hair and let it sit for at least a couple minutes. Comb through gently with you fingers to break up the curls and give it more of a natural wavy look. 
Last, apply your favorite hair spray. I use UNITE GO 365 Hair Spray. It’s a 3-n-1 Hairspray and I love this one because you can adjust the nozzle to your desired strength, strong, medium or soft hold. For curls I like a soft hold.
Finished curls! Very easy once you have the technique down. It takes me less than 10 minutes to curl my hair. Let me know if you have any questions! 
PS- Thanks to Kirby for letting me shoot at his beautiful salon: Kontempo. 
and Amy for taking the photos! 

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  1. Love the two inch trick! I might need to see if I can apply it to my hair! Since my hair is super wavy when I start, I'm not sure if it will look right