LA Here I come!

January 25, 2013

I am sitting here packing for LA and Michael told me I have to take our smaller suitcase, ugh! Now granted, I am only staying till Sunday evening, but I could still fill up our extra large over-sized suitcase easily. Shoes take up so much room and I like options! Dilemmas, dilemmas, I tell ya;)

 I finally have it narrowed down to two evening outfits planned, a comfy shopping day outfit for Saturday and Lululemon ensemble to be comfy Sunday when I am hungover at the airport.  I am packing jacket options since the forecast says it will rain, and my trusty NY baseball cap to cover up the hair. I hope I have enough, I guess if not, I will just tell Michael I have to shop for more options.

PS-The black fur vest is the one I posted about on here. It just arrived Monday and I can’t wait to wear it out tonight.

Next week I will post pics from the trip! Any places you recommend we see while we are there?

Rebecca J

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