Sep 11

Planters In Our Home

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The trees in our home are a key part of the design of several rooms. They add height and color and the greenery softens the overall look of the room. All of the trees in our home are real – for details on exact types of trees see here. Real trees are not for everyone though! I have found some amazing faux trees along with some planters inspired by the ones in my home (which were found locally). Recreate the look with the trees, planters, and tips below!

Tree #1 // Planter #1 // Tree #2 // Planter #2 // Tree #3 // Planter #3 // Tree #4 // Planter #4

Tree # 5 // Planter #5 // Tree #6 // Planter #6 // Tree #7 // Planter #7 // Tree #8 // Planter #8

Tips for Adding Faux Trees to Your Home:

1 – Size of tree – consider the area you will be placing the tree and the other items around it. If looking for a large statement tree similar to those in my home, the top of the tree should be 1-2 feet below the ceiling. You will also be placing tree into pot with base off ground, so add this height in when considering tree size.

2 – Size of pot – the taller the tree, the larger the pot you will need. Again, consider the size of the space you will be placing.

3 – Add base – depending on the tree and desired height, you will either place bottom of faux tree directly into pot or chose to elevate with additional base. I usually put a brick or something substantial to elevate the base of the faux tree.

4 – Add filler – the space in the pot and around the faux tree will need to be filled. This also helps stabilize the tree. Use packing peanuts or newspapers to fill pot 3/4th full.

5 – Add moss – Top the filler with loose moss or preserved moss. This does not need to be watered, but depending on quality and if sun hits, may need to be replaced over time.


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