Jun 28

My Favorite Runners

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Runners are an important rug addition to narrow areas in the home such as kitchens and hallways. They add pattern, texture, and color to areas that otherwise lack these and are a way to add some of your design style. When selecting your runner, pay attention to size. It is best to allow a couple inches on either side of the rug as well as the ends – you want to avoid the runner looking like wall to wall (or cabinet to cabinet) carpet! Another thing to consider is pattern vs solid rugs. A lot of that is personal preference, however, I tend to steer towards more neutral rugs on my busier, tiled floors and patterned rugs on my wood floors. I selected some of my favorite rugs here!

Roze Rug // Turkish Rug // Reeva Rug // Rosedale Rug // Lenora Rug // Merilyn Rug // Inverness Rug // Anadolu Rug

Kate Rug // Alamere Rug // Carlisle Rug // Pembroke Rug // Herringbone Rug // Malta Grey Rug // Taos Rug // Bullock Rug



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