Sep 27

Holiday Photo Outfits For The Fam

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It’s that time of year again already! I just started thinking about the plan for our holiday photos this year, and the search is on to find us all coordinating/complimentary outfits. I love this time of year because I feel like it’s the time to get fancy and dressed up after a crazy, casual summer. I haven’t decided yet on our family color theme, but know I’d like to do something similar to last year with the outfit styles. Being that it’s almost October, I know a lot of you are also starting to book your family photo sessions and brainstorming outfits! Here are my favorite styles for everyone in the family: mom, dad, sister, brother and baby! I’d love to see you and your fam dressed up in Cella Jane picks this year, so definitely tag me @cellajaneblog!


Green Mini Dress // Black Puff Sleeve Dress // Cream Turtleneck // Leather Skirt // Camel Sweater Dress // Burgundy Jumpsuit // Cream Sweater Dress // Platinum Tiered Dress // Burgundy Pleated Dress // Black Mini Dress // Knee High Boots // Booties // Bow Sandals // Black Strappy Sandals // Suede Heels


Suit Jacket // Button Down // Green Half Zip // Red Crewneck // Cream Half Zip // Grey Shawl Collar Cardigan // Suit Pants // Chinos // Jeans // Black Dress Shoes // Buckle Dress Shoes // Sneakers


Green Velour Dress // Red Sweater Dress // Pink Ruffle Dress // Beige Sweater Dress // Black Gingham Dress // Black Ruffle Dress // Chelsea Boots // Gold Flats // Ballet Flats


Beige Half Zip // White Button Down // Green Crewneck // Suit Set // Chinos // Wool Coat // Loafers // Lined Boots


Suit Set // Corduroy Overalls // Cable Knit Sweater // Lined Boots // Nike Sneakers // Gingham Dress // Pink & White Dress // Pink Patterned Dress // Cream Coat // White Tulle Dress // Red Flats // Boots // Moccasins



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  1. You and your fam will make the most elegant and fun holiday photos! Such a beautiful little family!! Love the outfits too!