Aug 11

Most Requested DM’s Lately

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Can you guys believe that it is already August? Summer is almost over which means fall fashion is coming! As we settle back in from our Cabo trip I have been trying to catch up on comments and DM’s on instagram. I want you guys to always know that I try so hard to get to every message you guys send however I don’t always get to. So I thought I would jump on here and answer a few of your most recent DM’s that many of you have been asking. As always if you ever feel your questions aren’t getting answered please email me at

Q: Where are your new plates, bowls, and cups from?

A: Dine with Fable and I have a discount code: CELLAJANEBLOG10 for 10% off

Q: What size of pool did you put in?

A: The pool is 20′ x 40′

Q: Where is Chloe’s dog tag from?

A: Linking Chloe’s Dog tag here along with a few other Items we love for her

Q: What is your current lip shade?

A: Linked here.

Q: What is the name and style of the runner on your stair case?

A: The upstairs runner is Stark Carpet, Style: Antilocarpa, Color: Sand; The downstairs runner is Anderson-Tuftex, Style: Stroll, Color: Shoreline

Q: What Kind of Tree is in your living room and bedroom?

A: Audrey Ficus Trees

Q: Where can I find the jewelry you shared that were called “Becky’s Picks”

A: My picks on Linjer can be found here

Q: Where is your master bedroom rug from?

A: My bedroom rug can be found here

Q: What type of carpet did you put in the kids bedrooms?

A: We used the same carpet for upstairs rooms, the basement guest bedroom and our master closets is made by Masland, Style: Seurat, Color: Ecru

Q: Recommendations for Traveling with Kids?

A: I shared a full blog post of this here

Q:Where is the wine bottle coaster from that you shared?

A: Link to my wine bottle coaster and wine glasses can be found here!

Q: Can you share the white dress you wore on vacation?

A: Wearing size small and it can be found here!



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